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Live Update

2009 Japanese Formula 1 Grand Prix

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Discussion Thread


Japanese Formula One Grand Prix - Race(10/04/2009) 
1:36 Japanese Grand Prix in 25 minutes. Follow our coverage here on
1:39 The grid has changed due to the penalties. It is difficult to explain how they came up with this grid but these are the rules!

Weather conditions at Suzuka are dry and sunny

1:45 Japanese GP: Vettel starts from Pole from Trulli, Hamilton, Heidfeld, Raikkonen, Barrichello, Rosberg and Sutil
1:46 Heaviest in the top 10 revised grid: Kubica in 9th (686 kg) and Rosebrg in 7th (684.5 kg) #F1
1:49 Lightest in the top 10 revised grid: Sutil in 8th (650 kg), Trulli in 2nd (655.5 kg) & Hamilton in 3rd (656 kg)
1:53 Timo Glock will not be racing today after sustaining an injury from his crash during qualifying yesterday
1:56 8 drivers are racing here for the first time! Vettel, Hamilton, Sutil, Kovalainen, Buemi, Alguersuari, Nakajima, Grosjean
1:57 Air temperature at 28 degrees while track temperature is at 40 degrees.
Race in 5 minutes!
1:59 Mark Webber will be starting from the pitlane

The grid is being cleared for the start

2:00 Formation lap underway
2:02 There is a mix of one stoppers and two. Most of those in the top 10 are two stopping
2:02 Vettel arrives at the starting grid
2:03 Lights!
2:04 Vettel leads from Hamilton and Trulli
2:04 Buemi gets a slow start!
2:06 Order after the 1st lap: Vettel, Hamilton, Trulli, Heidfeld, Raikkonen, Barrichello, Sutil, Rosberg, Kovalainen and Kubica
2:06 Vettel aleady a second up on Hamilton!
2:08 Webber is in the pits! He started from the pitlane. Looks like he has a problem!
2:08 Fastest lap by Vettel so far - A 1:33.949 on lap 3
2:09 Button takes 10th from Kubica
2:11 Lap 4: Vettel leads Hamilton by 2 seconds. Trulli in 3rd is a further 1.4 seconds behind
2:14 Vettel leads Hamilton by 2.6 seconds on lap 6. Trulli is a further 1.8 seconds behind
2:14 Sutil right behind Kovalainen for 8th place!
2:16 Sutil is lighter than Kovalainen however he doesn't have KERS!

Order on lap 9: Vettel, Hamilton, Trulli, Heidfeld, Raikkonen, Barrichello, Rosberg, Kovalainen, Sutil & Button

2:19 Vettel leads Hamilton by 4.1 seconds. Trulli a further 1.9 seconds behind on lap 10
2:22 Buemi is in the pits
2:22 He retires
2:24 Sutil and Kovalainen touch!
2:25 Both lose a few places. Button gets through!

Hamilton is the first of the leaders to pit!

2:28 Hamilton rejoins behind Rosberg. Sutil pits

Trulli now pits

2:29 Trulli rejoins behind Hamilton
2:31 Button pits
2:31 So does Fisichella
2:31 Vettel pits from the lead
2:32 And so does Heidfeld
2:32 Vettel rejoins ahead of Rosberg and Hamilton
2:34 Order on lap 19: Vettel, Rosberg, Hamilton, Trulli, Heidfeld, Kovalainen, Kubica, Raikkonen, Barrichello and Alguersuari
2:35 Rosberg, Kovalainen, Kubica and Alguersuari yet to stop
2:38 Rosberg makes his first stop from second
2:39 Alguersuari pits as well
2:42 Vettel leads Hamilton on lap 24 by 4.5 seconds. Trulli in 3rd is a further 2.3 seconds behind
2:42 Kovalainen pits for his 1st stop
2:44 Liuzzi pits for his 1st and only stop
2:45 Kubica pits. The last of the top 10
2:47 Nakajima pits
2:50 Vettel leads Hamilton by 5.5 seconds on lap 29. Trulli in 3rd is a further 2.6 seconds behind
2:51 Grosjean pits for his only stop as Vettel sets the fastest lap of the race with a 1:33.052
2:52 Alonso is the last driver to make their 1st stop
2:52 Alonso managed to get ahead of Nakajima

Order after 32 laps: Vettel, Hamilton (+6.5), Trulli (+9.9), Heidfeld, Raikkonen, Barrichello, Rosberg, Button, Kubica & Kovalainen

2:56 Raikkonen sets the fastest lap of the race so far with a 1:32.999
2:57 2nd round of stops for the 2 stoppers coming up
2:58 Button in 8th is right behind Rosberg
2:59 [Comment From Nilus ]
any live video link? [Ed] No
2:59 Raikkonen is the first to stop for the second time
3:00 Raikkonen rejoins behind Button
3:00 [Comment From Nilus ]
where is adrian sutil [Ed] 12th
3:00 Heidfeld pits from 4th
3:01 [Comment From Arki ]
how many laps to go? [Ed] 17 laps remaining
3:01 Heidfeld rejoins behind Raikkonen and just in front of Kubica

Hamilton pits

3:03 [Comment From wayne ]
where r the force india drivers???? [Ed] Sutil in 12th, Liuzzi in 15th
3:04 [Comment From Pete ]
where did hamilton feed back in [Ed] 3rd
3:05 Toyota getting ready for Trulli
3:05 Trulli pits. He is a fight with Hamilton for second
3:06 Trulli gets ahead of Hamilton via the pits!
3:07 Kovalainen and Fisichella out of the pits side by side. They touch but they both keep going!
3:09 Replay shows that Fisichella wasn't aware Kovalainen was right behind him!
3:10 [Comment From Pete ]
does barrichello or button have to pit again? [Ed] Button made his second stop. Barrichello yet to do so
3:10 Barrichello pits from 4th
3:11 Barrichello rejoins ahead of Button
3:12 [Comment From Joe ]
Why was Button demoted on Grid? Thanks [Ed] Not slowing under yellow in Q2
3:14 Crash! Alguersuari - Safety car!!
3:15 [Comment From Guest ]
wher is vitantonio? 15th
3:16 Big crash for Alguersuari
3:16 Rosberg who had yet to pit just pits
3:17 [Comment From Pete ]
does it look like the race will finish under the safety car? [Ed] No. Probably 3 laps
3:17 Alguersuari is fine. He climbs out of the car
3:19 Team tells Hamilton they have a problem with KERS
3:19 [Comment From fsdfsd ]
wher is liuzzi? [Ed] 15th
3:19 [Comment From Pete ]
time to test the kers for Hamilton and Rai :)
3:20 Safety car: Vettel leads from Trulli and Hamilton. 6 laps to go
3:23 Alguersuari is taken to the medical centre for checks. The marshals are fixing the tyre barriers - 5 laps to go

Safety car in this lap. We will have 4 races remaining!

3:25 Vettel has Grosjean behind him!
3:25 Lights off the safety car
3:26 Race restarts
3:26 Vettel leads from Trulli and Hamilton. Raikkonen is right behind

Barrichello, Button, Kubica and Alonso are all together (7th to 10th)

3:29 2 laps to go and Vettel leads from Trulli by 2.6 seconds. Hamilton is a further 1.9 seconds behind
3:30 Final lap!
3:31 Webber sets the fastest lap of the race with a 1:32.589
3:32 Kubica right behind Button!
3:32 Vettel wins!
3:32 Trulli takes second ahead of Hamilton and Raikkonen
3:33 [Comment From Kent ]
Thanks for a nice race! [Ed] You are welcome
3:34 Japanese GP - Top 10: Vettel, Trulli, Hamilton, Raikkonen, Rosberg, Heidfeld, Barrichello, Button, Kubica and Alonso
3:35 Japanese GP - 11th - 17th: Kovalainen, Fisichella, Sutil, Liuzzi, Nakajima, Grosjean, Webber
3:36 Japanese GP - Retirements: Buemi & Alguersuari
3:36 Japanese GP - Fastest lap: Mark Webber - 1:32.569 on lap 50
3:37 [Comment From Pete ]
first time on this site, thank you for the coverage :) [Ed] You are welcome. Hope you visit again
3:37 [Comment From Guest ]
Gents thanks very much for your commentary. Damien from Trinidad [Ed] You are welcome
3:38 [Comment From Joe ]
Thanks for the great commentary. Joe in Chennai (India) [Ed] You are welcome
3:39 [Comment From Pete ]
how points is vettel behind now? [Ed] Button has 85 pts, Barrichello has 71 pts and Vettel has 69 pts
3:39 [Comment From suraj ]
thanks a lot
3:40 [Comment From Guest ]
Thanks for the great race and nice comentry
3:43 Button needs 6 points in Brazil to guarantee the title or finish ahead of Barrichello and Vettel
3:43 [Comment From sarath ]
thanks for nice race
3:44 [Comment From Joe ]
Hi - how many races left, and when do they take place? Thanks [Ed] 2 - Brazil in 2 weeks then Abu Dhabi on the 1st of November
3:47 Vote for your driver of the day here


Race | Qualifying | Saturday Practice | Second Friday Practice | First Friday Practice

Discussion Thread

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