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2013 Clipsal 500 Adelaide
V8 Supercars
Adelaide Street Circuit, Adelaide Australia
Tour Package - 1 - 4 March 2012

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Download the
powered by Alexa in association with Sportsnet Holidays (about) is pleased to offer you this fantastic package to travel to the 2013 Clipsal 500 Adelaide V8 Supercars from as low as $826 Australian dollars. (Land and event tickets).
(For other currencies, use this link to get an estimate in your local currency)

As expected, the rivalry between Ford and Holden kicked off the 2013 season perfectly for spectators at the Clipsal 500, with Jamie Whincup claiming Race 1 honours and Will Davison finishing in first position on Sunday. It could have easily been the ultimate start to the season for Davison, who’s team pushed the envelope too far by not calling their #1 driver in for a fuel stop, watching helplessly as Davison ran out of fuel on the last turn and was overtaken by Whincup.

The Clipsal 500 package includes:


3 nights accommodation at a choice of Hotels in Adelaide

4 day Multi Day Super Pass Ticket (Upgrades available)

4 day Paddock Pass Clipsal 500 V8 Nights Function which includes:         

 Tantalising 3 course meal

 Premium beverage package

 Special guest drivers panel to preview the weekend

 Autograph and photo opportunities Meet the girls of the grid

 Live artists & entertainment

 The chance to win corporate tickets to the V8 Nights Senna Platform

Booking and Ticket Handling Fees



Step 1: Choose a hotel package

Hotel Twin ShareExtra Night Triple ShareExtra Night Single Extra Night

Mercure Grosvenor Hotel Adelaide
Standard Room
4 Star


981 82 N/A N/A 1,437 164

Stamford Plaza
Run of House Room (double only)
4 Star

(Stamford Plaza rate is for 4 nights; IN 28-Feb OUT 4-Mar)


1305 195 N/A N/A 2085 390

iStay Precint
Two Bedroom Apartment
4 Star


1263 150 1107 100 2001 300

iStay Precint
One Bedroom Apartment
4 Star


1047 99 N/A N/A 1,741 164

Flight Options

Sportsnet Holidays offers the best available airfares with Qantas Airways, Jetstar and Virgin Blue in conjunction with our packages. Ask one of our consultants for more details.

Grandstand Ticket Upgrades

Ticket TypeAdd
Chicane - Considered by many as the prime viewing location on the circuit, this stand provides breathtaking viewing of the action through the Chicane onto Wakefield Road. Super Screen available. 175
Pirie Street - Situated on Turn 7, a tight right-hander leading onto the fastest section of the circuit - Adelaide Straight. It's a matter of hard braking and awesome acceleration. Patrons enjoy full cover and television monitors within the stand. 118
Senna - This grandstand overlooks turns 1 & 2 of the Chicane where V8 Supercar stars flip left & right & ride the kerbs to maximise speed onto Wakefield Road. A Super Screen makes sure patrons see every gear change and on-track challenge. 90
Barry Sheene (Section AA-I) - Largest grandstand located on Pit Straight. The drama of race starts & finishes & pit stop action plus conveniently located catering and merchandising outlets. 3 giant Super Screens are provided for Pit Straight Grandstand patrons. 118
Barry Sheene (Section J-L) - Largest grandstand located on Pit Straight. The drama of race starts & finishes & pit stop action plus conveniently located catering and merchandising outlets. 3 giant Super Screens are provided for Pit Straight Grandstand patrons. 100
Turn 8 - Turn 8 Grandstand will provide thrilling views of Australia's most spectacular V8 Supercar corner. It is located on Adelaide Straight deep into the apex for the virtually 'no lift' sweeper that is taken at 200kph plus in sixth gear! Super Screen. 70
Turn 1 - This shaded Grandstand offers views of the cars as they enter the first section of the Adelaide track's famous chicane. Cars have to brake and be ‘line-perfect’ at this section of the circuit. A Superscreen also provides full race coverage. 100
Turn 10 - The disc brakes have just glowed cherry red for the hairpin at the end of Brabham Straight and then it's back on full power for the left-hander, Turn 10. It's slightly 'blind' from a driver’s viewpoint, but it's a great spot to watch for fans, with the V8 Supercars doing 150kph plus. More often than not the cars are two wide as they fight for position. Television monitors within the stand complete the viewing package. Grandstand shaded by trees. 100
Pit Entry - See the cars peel off for their rapid pit stops and watch them thunder into the Mistral Hairpin and weave under brakes. A Mistral Vision Super Screen ensures a complete view of all the race action. 50
Brabham Straight - Situated at the end of Brabham Straight, this stand provides prime viewing of the fiercest braking duals on the circuit as drivers battle for position as they enter the roundabout hairpin. Television monitors within the stand. 50
BOOKING CONDITIONS: Full payment is due within 7 days of confirmation of booking. Once paid in full, all 2013 Clipsal 500 packages are 100% non refundable & non transferable.

All prices quoted within this page are per person and inclusive of tax & GST

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