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Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

Fernando Alonso: Una Estrella del Mundo de La Formula 1 - Also from the UK - Canada
Victor Seara / Paperback / Spanish edition/ January 2004

Chris Amon

Chris Amon Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

Forza Amon!: A Biography of Chris Amon

Forza Amon!: A Biography of Chris AmonAlso from the UK - Canada
Eoin Young / Hardcover / September 2003

Chris Amon, a New Zealand sheep farmer's son who led the Ferrari team for two seasons in the late 1960s, is remembered in Formula 1 as the best driver never to win a Grand Prix. Yet his contemporary Jackie Stewart rated him 'one of the world's foremost drivers' and Jochen Rindt considered him a true rival. Eoin Young, an ace storyteller, chronicles the life of this extraordinarily unlucky racer who was driving at the age of six, had a pilot's license at 16, and raced a 1954 250F Grand Prix Maserati a year later

Mario Andretti

Mario Andretti Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

Mario Andretti

Mario Andretti Also from the UK - Canada
Michael O'Leary / Paperback / November 2002

The 20th century's most versatile and successful driver hits the tarmac for this race-by-race look at his amazing career. Filled with year-by-year statistics on everything from Mario's oval track beginnings up through his exploits in F1, Indy car, sports car and NASCAR racing. Andretti's life-long race to the finish line is put into perspective here to deliver this information-packed statistical overview of his incredible racing career.

Mario Andretti: A Driving Passion

Mario Andretti : A Driving Passion - Also from the UK  - Canada
Gordon Kirby, Dan Gurney / Hardcover / September 2001

Relentless determination, unrivaled charisma, and the ability to climb into any type of race car and win has made Mario Andretti a household name for more than thirty years. His accomplishments include four USAC and CART titles, the 1978 Formula One World Championship, winning the 1967 Daytona 500 and 1969 Indianapolis 500, and three victories in the grueling 12 Hours of Sebring sports-car race. Mario Andretti: A Driving Passion documents the toughness, intelligence, and humor that makes Mario the man so compelling and reveals the remarkable mixture of determination and luck-both good and bad-that defined his career as the most versatile and accomplished racer of all time. 

Mario Andretti Photo Album

Mario Andretti Photo Album - Also from the UK - Canada
Peter Nygaard / Paperback / September 1999

Mario Andretti (Race Car Legends)

Mario Andretti (Race Car Legends: Collector's Edition) Also from the UK - Canada
G. S. Prentzas / Hardcover / March 1996

Alberto Ascari

Alberto Ascari Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

Alberto Ascari: Ferrari's First Double Champion

Alberto Ascari: Ferrari's First Double Champion - Also from the UK - Canada
Karl Ludvigsen, Mario Andretti, Rodolfo Mailander (Photographer / Hardcover / November 2000

Italian double world champion, whom the legendary Fangio described as "my greatest opponent", Alberto Ascari raced Bianchi motorcycles, then drove the very first Ferrari T815 sports car in the 1940 Mille Miglia. He won the 1948 San Remo Grand Prix in a Maserati, learning much racecraft from his team-mate Luigi Villoresi. Joining Ferrari in 1950 Ascari had spectacular success, and won back-to-back world titles in 1952 and 1953. A move to Lancia in 1954 proved frustrating as the F1 car was delayed until late that year, but he won the Mille Miglia in a Lancia sports car. At the 1955 Monaco Grand Prix he famously crashed his Lancia D50 into the harbour. Four days later he appeared unexpectedly at Monza to test a Ferrari for the Supercortemaggiore race, but inexplicably crashed the car and was killed

Man With Two Shadows: The Story of Alberto Ascari - Also from the UK - Canada
Kevin Desmond / Hardcover / April 1981

On May 26, 1955 Alberto Ascari should have stayed in bed. Twice World Champion motor racing driver, he had, four days earlier, startled the racing world during the Monaco Grand Prix by plunging off the tarmac fifty feet into the sea below. Now battered and bruised he insisted on taking an unscheduled training run; unfit and without equipment it was totally out of character. "It is better to race again soon after an accident: he told amazed onlookers as he eased into the vehicle... Kevin Desmond has painted a compelling human story of a man at the summit of his profession destroyed by an obsession. Had he survived he would have ranked alongside Fangio, Nuvolari and Stewart as an all-time great; but it was not to be. The Man With Two Shadows will captivate both motor racing enthusiast and amateur psychologist alike.

Gerhard Berger

Gerhard Berger Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

Gerhard Berger: The Human Face of Formula 1

Gerhard Berger: The Human Face of Formula 1 - Also from the UK - Canada
Ayrton Senna (Foreword), Christopher Hilton / Hardcover / April 1995

On 31 July 1994 the German Grand Prix was won by Gerhard Berger and a legend was reborn. This is the story of the man, popular racing driver, master prankster, and close friend of the late Ayrton Senna. The book follows the Ferrari folk hero, on and off the track, from the early days in the Alphasuds, European Formular 3, and touring cars, through to the start of his 1995 Formula 1 season. It looks at the horrors he has survived - the road crash which almost paralyzed him; the fire at Imola in 1989 at Tamburello, the corner where Senna died.

Jack Brabham

Jack Brabham Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

The Jack Brabham Story

The Jack Brabham Story - Also from the UK - Canada
by Sir Jack Brabham, Doug Nye / Hardcover / March 2004

The true story behind the motor racing legend Sir Jack Brabham. The book presents a fascinating account of life, including unpublished material detailing his early racing career on two wheels and four in Australia. It covers his incredible career from 1953-1970 which saw him win three Formula 1 Driver's World Championship titles, multiple F2 Championships, become the world's first dominant manufacturer of single-seater racing cars and the first - and so far only - driver to win a World Title in a car bearing his own name. The book is lavishly illustrated with photographs, memorabilia and superb full-color photographs of his racing cars. The book's highly entertaining and detailed narrative will appeal to both racing enthusiasts and a general readership.

Jenson Button

Jenson Button Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

My Championship Year - Also from the UK - Canada
by Jenson Button / Paperback

 / June 2010

On 4 December 2008, just a few months before the new season was due to start, the Honda Racing F1 team, which Jenson Button had been driving for since 2006, pulled the plug on their involvement in Formula One. The media at the time reported that it was likely that the factory would be forced to shut, and it was unlikely that Jenson would be able to secure a drive at a top team at this late stage. Yet incredibly, in October 2009, Jenson Button was crowned World Champion, and the new team that had risen from the ashes of the Honda Racing F1 team- Brawn GP - secured the constructors' championship in their first season, a feat never before achieved. If this were a movie script you wouldn't believe it possible, so how did it happen? My Championship Year tells Jenson's incredible story of the 2009 season, from being written off pre-season to winning six of the first seven races, and finally securing the championship in brilliant style at the Brazilian Grand Prix. Jenson's personal commentary on the races is combined with notes on strategy, on-board radio exchanges, quotes from the team and even text messages to recreate the atmosphere of each race weekend. With a foreword by Ross Brawn, it is a fascinating account of an extraordinary grand prix year, and shows just what it takes to become world champion.

Jim Clark

Jim Clark Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

Jim Clark and His Most Successful Lotus - Also from the UK
Eoin Young / Hardcover / June 2004

This compelling book marries together a study of a great period in the life of Jim Clark with the history of a great British marque, featuring in particular the famous Lotus 25, from its golden 1963 World Championship-winning year, through subsequent owners and crashes until the remains are discovered and the gallant old charger is restored to its original specification.

Jim Clark: a Tribute to a Champion

Jim Clark: a Tribute to a Champion - Also from the UK
Eric Dymock / Hardcover / May 1997

Eric Dymock's acclaimed book celebrates the life and achievements of Jim Clark, world grand prix champion Scottish Motor Racing driver in the 1960s. It is a portrait of the popular motor racing driver and of his racing career by author Eric Dymock who knew him personally.

Refreshed text and a new selection of photographs complete this new edition, which celebrates 50 years since the modest Border farmer won his first World Drivers’ Championship.

The original hardback edition, published in 1997, was quickly nominated as the best account of the life of the double world champion. Classic Cars awarded five stars, nominating it Book of the Month: “Eric Dymock has produced a book rich with anecdotal reminiscences from those who raced with Jim Clark. Dymock has clearly done his research and brings riveting details of the life, background, psychology and raw talent of the man alive.” Andrew Frankel wrote in Motor Sport: “Great though (Jim Clark) was I thought I’d reached the stage when I’d read so many words about him as my lifetime would stand. Not so. Dymock’s book is compelling, not least because its story is told with clear affection that stops short of the fawning adulation with which so many seem obliged to equip themselves before penning a word about dead racing drivers. An engrossing read.” The Automobile: “…compulsive reading and thoroughly recommended”. Classic and Sportscar nominated Jim Clark Best Book of the Year: “Eric Dymock’s celebration of Jim Clark was a totally inspired publication". Clark’s close friend, Ian Scott Watson wrote in Scottish Field: “Jim Clark – Tribute to a Champion is the sort of book you will not lay down until you have read it cover to cover; it is the definitive book on Jim Clark; it is a must for the bookshelves of anyone with an interest in motor sport. It is a book which stands as a remarkable tribute not only to Jim but to its author.”

Judges for the Guild of Motoring Writers Montagu Award agreed. They nominated Jim Clark runner-up for 1997 to the same author’s Saab, 50 Years of Achievement.

Jim Clark: Racing Legend - Also from the UK
Eric Dymock / Paperback / November 2003

Jim Clark was arguably the best driver the world has seen and certainly one of the most versatile. He died when he was just 33 but by then the Scottish farmer's lad had surpassed the Grand Prix victory total of the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio. Even Fangio himself said he was the best ever driver. Clark started 73 races and won 25. He was World Champion in 1963 and 1965 and set Ford on its path to fame by pushing the Cosworth DFV engine to victory on its first F1 outing. He was also the first non-American to win Indianapolis 500.No one understands Jim Clark better than Eric Dymock, fellow Scot, long-time reporter on the racing scene at its highest level. Dymock has brought his definitive biography up to date by including in it what some contemporary heroes have to say about the man, and many previously unpublished photographs., Stunning production - virtual collector's edition, Endorsements from Dan Gurney and David Coulthard., Contains 50 new and unpublished photos.

Jim Clark: The Legend Lives on - Also from the UK
Jackie Stewart (Foreword), Graham Gauld / Hardcover / October 1993

This illustrated biography of the famous motor racing driver details his racing career, his background, family life and his many racing triumphs, up until the time of his fatal accident on the Hockenheim racing circuit in Germany in 1968.

David Coulthard

David Coulthard Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

It Is What It Is: The Autobiography - Also from the UK - Canada
David Coulthard / Paperback / April 2008

From his quiet beginnings in rural Scotland to his multi-millionaire lifestyle in Monte Carlo, where he owns one of the most luxurious hotels in the principality, David Coulthard's life story is an extraordinary one. He got his breakthrough into Formula One in the tragic circumstances of Ayrton Senna's death in 1994, and quickly established himself as one of the best drivers on the circuit. From 1996-2004, he drove for McLaren, one of the leading teams throughout the entire period, before moving to Red Bull for 2005-07.

Taking the reader from his early days when he first became hooked on racing karts at the age of eleven to the high-speed world of Formula One, Coulthard has written one of the most honest and powerful sports autobiographies of recent years. He talks frankly about his ups and downs at McLaren and also about the reputation he gained for his playboy lifestyle. Throughout it all he seeks to answer the questions about himself that anyone might ask, and so to reveal what it is that really drives him on. His struggle to understand himself makes for a remarkable memoir.


David Coulthard: His Decade in Formula 1

David Coulthard: His Decade in Formula 1 - Also from the UK - Canada
Anthony Rowlinson / Hardcover / March 2004

When he lines up for the 2004 Spanish Grand Prix, David Coulthard will have achieved ten years at the top of Formula 1. "DC" made his Grand Prix debut in difficult circumstances, as the replacement for Ayrton Senna after the legendary Brazilian's fatal crash at Imola. He had a creditable first season, however, securing points in all of the five races he finished. Since then, the honourable Scot has proved one of the fastest drivers of his generation and immensely popular with British fans. This book - packed with anecdotes from family, friends and colleagues - tells his full story.

David Coulthard: In the Wheeltracks of Legends - Also from the UK - Canada
Jim Dunn / Paperback / July 1997

This title tells the story of the Formula 1 driver, David Coulthard, from his early karting days to the 1997 season driving for McLaren. It describes the trials and triumphs of Coulthard's debut seasons, from his entry into Formula 1 racing, first as a test driver for Williams, to his promotion to race driver following Ayrton Senna's death, to his maiden win for McLaren at the 1997 season-opener in Melbourne. The book also includes: the influence on Coulthard of Scottish racing legends Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart and Innes Ireland; how he gave up a career in the family road haulage business to become a racer; his experiences of karting, Formula Ford 1600, Formula Vauxhall Lotus, Formula 3 and Formula 3000; and his move to McLaren in 1996 as it struggled to become competitive again

David Coulthard: The Flying Scotsman - Also from the UK - Canada
Jim Dunn / Paperback / December 1995

Illustrated with dramatic action photographs, this volume explores Coulthard's early years in karting, his 1989 British Formula Ford 1600 Championship win, his graduation to Formula 3000, and more.

Piers Courage

Piers Courage Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

Piers Courage: Last of the Gentleman Racers

Piers Courage: Last of the Gentleman Racers - Also from the UK - Canada
Adam Cooper / Paperback / April 2010

Piers Courage was the first man to drive for Frank Williams in Formula 1, and tragically died in a Williams-run car at the 1970 Dutch Grand Prix. Now available in paperback, this enthralling biography, written with his family's co-operation, chronicles the life of the charismatic old Etonian, including the wild Formula 3 days when he and chums roamed Europe surviving on their wits. Recalling a more relaxed era in motorsport, the book features dozens of people who knew Piers including Frank Williams, Bernie Ecclestone, Jackie Stewart and, of course, his wife Lady Sarah, daughter of pre-war racer Earl Howe.


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