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Race Car Engineering and Mechanics

Advanced Race Car Chassis Technololgy HP1562: Winning Chassis Design and Setup for Circle Track  and Road Race Cars - Also from the UK - Canada

Bob Bolles / Paperback / November 2010

Updated with nearly 60 percent new material on the latest racing technology, this book details how to design, build, and setup the chassis and suspension for road race and stock cars. Includes chassis dynamics, spring and shock theory, front and rear suspension geometry, real world racing aerodynamics, steering systems, racing chassis software and all you need to know to set you chassis up to win races.

Race Car Engineering and Mechanics

Race Car Engineering and Mechanics - Also from the UK - Canada
Paul Van Valkenburgh / Paperback / January 2004

A comprehensive guide on how to tune, test, and win in any form of racing. Includes technical information on all areas of race car engineering, including suspension and chassis, springs, brakes, aerodynamics, engine systems, safety, driving, testing, computers in racing, and a special section on race cars of the future.

Race Car Vehicle Dynamics: Problems, Answers and Experiments - Also from the UK - Canada
Douglas L. Milliken, Edward M. Kasprak, L. Daniel Metz, William F. Milliken / Spiral-bound / May 2003

Includes Race Car Vehicle Dynamics Program Suite on CD-ROM, a valuable learning tool and brand new addition to the RCVD series! 
Written for the engineer as well as the race car enthusiast, Race Car Vehicle Dynamics (the original classic) gives a comprehensive treatment of vehicle dynamics and its application in a racing environment. RCVD, now in its sixth printing, is also widely used as a college textbook and has been an SAE best seller since its introduction.

Race Car Vehicle Dynamics: Problems, Answers and Experiments is a supplement to RCVD. It expands on the former RCVD Workbook in a number of ways:

Detailed worked solutions to all of the problems 
Problems for every chapter in RCVD, including many new problems 
The RCVD Program Suite (for Windows) with accompanying exercises
Experiments to try with your own vehicle
Educational appendix with additional references and course outlines 
Well illustrated with over 90 figures and graphs

Maximum Boost - Designing, Testing & Installing Turbocharger Systems

Maximum Boost - Designing, Testing, and Installing Turbocharger Systems - Also from the UK - Canada
Corky Bell / Paperback / April 2003

Maximum Boost is the definitive book on Turbocharging. This hands-on book gives you the most detailed information available on understanding designing, setting up, testing and modifying your car with a turbocharging system.

Racing and High Performance Tire - Using Tires to Tune for Grip and Balance (R-351) - Also from the UK - Canada
Paul Haney / Hardcover / March 2003

Based on 15 years of research on tires, Paul Haney's The Racing and High-Performance Tire presents clear, non-academic explanations of how and why tires really work. Writing that "the pneumatic tire is arguably the most complicated and useful device man makes," Haney (Inside Racing) provides new insight into topics such as the complexity of rubber, how a pneumatic tire generates grip, and how to tune grip and balance using the load sensitivity of tires. 

Featuring more than 150 photos and drawings, and includes interviews with Mario Andretti, Jim Hall, Paul Gentilozzi, and Al Speyer (Bridgestone-Firestone director of motorsports).

Competition Car Data Logging

Competition Car Data Logging - Also from the UK
Simon McBeath / Hardcover / September 2002


Competition Car Composites Competition Car Composites : A Practical Guide - Also from the UK - Canada
Simon McBeath / Hardcover / June 2000

With composites now commonplace in competition-specific automobiles, it's important for anyone involved in auto racing to understand what composites are and how to use them. This practical and completely illustrated guide takes readers through all aspects of composite-fiber applications with an emphasis on methods and materials for the home workshop. 

Competition Car Suspension

Competition Car Suspension : Design, Construction, Tuning - Also from the UK
Allan Staniforth / Hardcover / December 1999


The Shock Absorber Handbook

The Shock Absorber Handbook - Also from the UK - Canada
John C. Dixon / Hardcover / February 1999

This book provides comprehensive coverage of the design, installation and use of the shock absorber. Among the subjects highlighted are fluid dynamics, valve characteristics, damper characteristics, installation and motion ratios, and influence on vehicle ride and handling. Numerous example installations are described and discussed. Testing machines, as well as methods of laboratory testing, are also described in detail. The widely varying characteristics of variable dampers, and the relationship to their design features, are explained.

Brake Systems

Brake Systems : OEM & Racing Brake Technology - Also from the UK - Canada
Mika Mavrigian / Paperback / October 1998

Brakes are one of the most frequently repaired maintenance items on vehicles and a critical component to racing success. Whether you're an auto enthusiast, brake repair professional or avid racer, a thorough understanding of how brakes function and operate is important.

Performance Wheels & Tyres

Performance Wheels & Tyres - Also from the UK - Canada
Mika Mavrigian / Paperback / April 1998


Competition Car Downforce

Competition Car Downforce : A Practical Guide - Also from the UK - Canada
Simon McBeath / Hardcover / February 1998

The Car Builder's Handbook: Tips and Techniques for Builders of Kit Cars and Street Rods

The Car Builder's Handbook: Tips and Techniques for Builders of Kit Cars and Street Rods - Also from the UK - Canada
Doug McCleary / Paperback / December 1997

With the basic tips, techniques, and background information you need to make every project a success, this guide includes sections on Planning, Chassis, Powertrain and Drivertrain, and Interiors. Perfect for anyone engaged in a partial or ground up kit or street rod project, or anyone who wants to improve his basic automotive skills


Race Car Chassis : Design and Construction - Also from the UK - Canada
Forbes Aird / Paperback / September 1997


Aerodynamics for Racing

Aerodynamics for Racing and Performance Cars - Also from the UK - Canada
Forbes Aird / Paperback / June 1997 

Tires, Suspension, Handling

Tires, Suspension and Handling - Second Edition (R-168) - Also from the UK - Canada
John C. Dixon / Paperback / September 1996

Provides detailed coverage of the theory and practice of vehicle cornering and handling, for vehicle designers and engineering students. Contains chapters on the tire, aerodynamics, suspension components and characteristics, steady-state handling, and unsteady- state handling, with chapter problems and selected answers. Includes reference appendices of properties of air and water, example car specifications, and the complete text of SAE J670e


Fiberglass & Composite Materials - Also from the UK - Canada
Forbes Aird / Paperback / April 1996

For many years, race cars of all types have been constructed with lightweight materials other than aluminum or steel. The application of this space-age technology is also becoming more widely used on street cars as stronger materials are developed, costs become lower, and techniques are simplified. This book is a comprehensive technical handbook on the most current technology behind fiberglass and other composite materials

Race Car Vehicle Dynamics

Race Car Vehicle Dynamics (R146) - Also from the UK - Canada
William F. Milliken, Douglas L. Milliken / Hardcover / December 1995

Truly comprehensive in its coverage of the fundamental concepts of vehicle dynamics and their application in a racing environment. Race Car Vehicle Dynamics is expected to become the definitive reference on this topic. Although the book's primary focus is the race car, the engineering fundamentals it details are also applicable to passenger car design and engineering. Written for the engineer as well as the race car enthusiast, Race Car Vehicle Dynamics includes much information that is not available in any other vehicle dynamics text. Authors Bill and Doug Milliken have developed many of the original vehicle dynamics theories and principles covered in this book, including the Moment Method, 'g-g' Diagram, pair analysis, and lap time simulation. The book also includes an extensive listing of references and a list of symbols, conveniently located on the inside front and back covers for ease of use. Well illustrated with over 450 figures and tables

Race Car Aerodynamics

Race Car Aerodynamics : Designing for Speed - Also from the UK - Canada
Joseph Katz / Paperback / October 1995

Race Car Aerodynamics is the first book to summarize the secrets of the rapidly developing field of high-speed vehicle design. Author Joseph Katz provides clear explanations for both the engineer who wants to improve his or her design skills and enthusiasts who simply want to understand how their favorite race cars go fast. 


Chassis Engineering/Chassis Design, Building & Tuning for High Performance Handling - Also from the UK - Canada
Herb Adams / Paperback / July 1993


Engineer to win - Also from the UK - Canada
Carroll Smith / Paperback / April 1985


Tune to win
Carroll Smith / Paperback / April 1979

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