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Live Update

2009 Brazil Formula 1 Grand Prix

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Race | Qualifying | Saturday Practice | Second Friday Practice | First Friday Practice

Discussion Thread


Brazilian Formula One Grand Prix - Race(10/18/2009) 
1:00 Formation lap for the Brazilian GP underway. Conditions are dry
1:02 Air temperature is at 27 degrees while track temperature is at 33 degees
1:02 Barrichello who is on Pole arrives back to the starting grid. Webber starts alongside him.
1:03 Button is 14th and Vettel is 15th
1:03 Lights!
1:04 Barrichello leads!
1:04 Crash for Trulli as he and Sutil touch
1:04 Saefty car deployed
1:04 Raikkonen has lost his front wing
1:05 Alonso is out!

What drama!

1:08 More drama as Kovalainen drives off with the fuel hose stuck spraying fuel on the track and Raikkonen driving over the fuel igniting it
1:08 Alonso was taken out by Sutil bouncing back on the track
1:12 Retirements: Sutil, Trulli and Alonso
1:12 Race restarts
1:13 Kubica takes 3rd from Rosberg
1:14 Button moves into 8th after passing Grosjean

Vettel takes Grosjean

1:15 Button takes Nakajima for 7th
1:15 Some great racing after the safety car!
1:16 Barrichello leads Webber by 1.4 seconds

Vettel almost loses it as he tries to pass Nakajima!

1:17 Button in 7th chasing Kobayashi
1:18 Order on lap 8: Barrichello, Webber, Kubica, Rosberg, Buemi, Kobayashi, Button, Nakajima, Vettel and Heidfeld
1:19 [Comment From parco ]
where is hamilton? [Ed] 11th
1:19 Barrichello leads Webber by 1.8 seconds on lap 10
1:22 Things have settled down a bit. Both Button and Vettel are still chasing Kobayashi and Nakajima

Kovalainen is under investigation due to his incident in the pilane

1:26 Barrichello is the lightest of those in front. Vettel in 9th is heaviest
1:27 Barrichello fastest lap so far (lap 16) - A 1:14.293
1:28 Incident involving Sutil and Trulli to be investigated after the race
1:29 Another fastest lap by Barrichello. He leads by 2,5 seconds
1:30 Trulli very angry as he talks to the reporters
1:30 Sutil doesn't believe he made any errors
1:31 Nick Heidfeld is the first to pit!
1:32 Barrichello pits
1:34 Barrichello rejoins in 8th ahead of Vettel but Vettel passes him
1:35 Hamilton trying hard to pass Barrichello
1:37 Button tries to pass Kobayashi but goes a bit wide and Kobayashi gets the position back
1:38 Button manages to pass Kobayashi on lap 24
1:38 Webber pits from the lead
1:39 Now Button leads!

Webber remains in the lead. Button in second and yet to stop

1:40 Rosberg is going slow!
1:41 Rosberg pits and retires
1:41 A lot of smoke coming out of the back of his car

Jenson Button pits from second

1:43 So does Kovalainen
1:43 Button rejoins in 12th
1:44 In 10th - Apologies
1:44 Kobayashi pits
1:45 [Comment From Guest ]
so who is leading now [Ed] Webber
1:45 Big crash for Nakajima!
1:46 He went off and into the barriers. Doesn't look like a safety car will be deployed.
1:48 So on lap 32, Webber leads from Vettel and Kubica. Vettel yet to stop
1:48 [Comment From Guest ]
wat position barrichello now? [Ed] 4th
1:49 There is plenty of debris on the track. Surprising that the safety car isn't deployed!
1:49 [Comment From Guest ]
Greetings from Singapore!
1:49 [Comment From maddy ]
any news on kimmy' [Ed] He is in 6th
1:50 [Comment From Guest ]
cud button stil win this? [Ed] Possible but difficult
1:50 [Comment From danny ]
have webber in pit yet? [Ed] Yes
1:51 Vettel and Fisichella have yet to stop
1:52 [Comment From danny ]
is barrichello will win ? [Ed] Really depends on how much fuel he has more than Webber and Kubica

Vettel pits

1:54 Vettel rejoins behind Button! He has yet to pit again as he hasn't taken the super soft tyres yet
1:54 [Comment From danny ]
how many laps is it all up? [Ed] 71 laps
1:56 Order on lap 39: Webber, Kubica, Barrichello, Hamilton, Raikkonen, Button, Vettel, Buemi, Liuzzi and Kobayahsi
1:57 Retirements: Nakajima, Rosberg, Heidfeld, Sutil, Trulli and Alonso
1:58 Webber leads Kubica on lap 40 by 6.3 seconds. Barrichello in 3rd is a further 6.3 seconds behind!
1:59 [Comment From JRLS ]
where did button start on the grid? [Ed] 14th. There was a lot of drama on the first lap!
1:59 [Comment From danny ]
how many times webber and barrichello in pit? [Ed] Once each
2:00 Hamilton pits and he is fuelled to the end!
2:00 Hamilton nearly loses it exiting the pits. He is in 9th now
Raikkonen pits
2:01 Raikkonen goes on the super softs
2:01 Raikkonen rejoins in 11th
2:03 [Comment From danny ]
how come webber in front of barrihello? i thought barrichello has a better ride? [Ed] Webber had more fuel at the start
2:04 [Comment From Marcus ]
How many drivers is out? [Ed] 6 drivers have retired so far
2:04 Kubica pits from second and puts on the super softs
2:05 Kubica rejoins in 3rd ahead of Button
2:05 [Comment From Jordan ]
has button taken a pit stop yet? [Ed] Yes but has to make another stop

Webber now leads Barrichello by 15.8 seconds! Both yet to stop

2:07 [Comment From sunny ]
whose fault was in the accident b/w sutil n trulli [Ed] It will be investigated by the stewards after the race
2:08 Kubica is in 3rd and had made all his stops and is 10.5 seconds behind Barrichello. He is looking good!
2:08 [Comment From danny ]
do you think webber got better chance to win than barichello? [Ed] Yes he is looking good. 16.7 seconds is the gap now
2:09 [Comment From wc ]
what's Kubica-Barichello difference in time [Ed] 10.5 seconds
2:09 Barrichello makes his second and final stop!
2:10 Barrichello rejoins in 6th behind Buemi
2:10 [Comment From Steve ]
How many laps left [Ed] 20 laps
2:11 [Comment From wc ]
Difference between hamilton and barichello? [Ed] Barrichello ahead by 1.8 seconds
2:11 Webber pits from the lead
2:12 Webber rejoins in the lead
2:13 Button and Vettel are in 3rd and 4th Both yet to stop
2:13 [Comment From robbie ]
any crashs [Ed] A few!
2:14 [Comment From Jordan ]
is that all of webber's pit stops done now? [Ed] Yes. Webber looks good for the win
2:15 Buemi pits from 5th
2:15 There are some dark clouds over the track. It could still rain!!
2:15 Button pits
2:16 [Comment From danny ]
i want barrichello to win, is he got the chance? [Ed] Unlikely at this stage
2:17 Button rejoins behind Kobayashi and Kovalainen

Vettel pits

2:18 Vettel rejoins ahead of Kovalainen!
2:18 [Comment From wc ]
Did kov overtake button. [Ed] Yes
2:19 So with 14 laps remaining, Webber leads Kubica by 5.2 seconds. Barrichello is a further 12.8 seconds behind

Vettel is in 5th, Button is in 7th and chasing Kovalainen

2:21 Kovalainen pits and releases Button
2:22 [Comment From noz ]
button position pls? [Ed] 6th
2:23 [Comment From noz ]
if positions saved till end will button get WDC? [Ed] Yes

Hamilton takes 3rd from Barrichello who is struggling with his tyres

2:24 [Comment From 1 ]
can barri move up??? [Ed] He is struggling now. Lost 3rd
2:24 [Comment From wc ]
so does this mean, if this continues, button wins championship tonight [Ed] Yes
2:24 [Comment From Jordan ]
anybody in the top 6 still to pit? [Ed] No
2:25 [Comment From noz ]
Do you believe Button drives better than hamilton under pressure? [Ed] Hard to tell really!
2:25 Barrichello has a puncture!
2:26 Button will be the World Champion as long as he finishes!
2:26 [Comment From kino ]
will hamilton have to pit again? [Ed] No

It appears that the puncture was a result of a touch earlier with Hamilton

2:28 [Comment From danny ]
wat position is barri now? [Ed]8th
2:29 [Comment From wc ]
laps remaining? [Ed]6
2:29 [Comment From Guest ]
gap between webber and kubica? [Ed]8.1 seconds
2:29 [Comment From 1 ]
so does this mean barrichello's run over for the championship [Ed] Yes
2:30 [Comment From kino ]
Does Hamilton get a penalty? [Ed]Unlikely
2:30 5 laps remain
2:31 Webber leads from Kubica and Hamilton. Vettel, Button, Raikkonen, Buemi and Barrichello
2:31 [Comment From wc ]
gap between 2nd and 3rd [Ed]13.7 seconds
2:32 [Comment From 1 ]
which team is kimi shifting to next yr [Ed]McLaren or Toyota or Red Bull! Many rumours
2:32 [Comment From 1 ]
which driver is better hamilton or kimi or massa???? [Ed] That is all an opinion really. They are all first class drivers
2:33 [Comment From cwhook ]
Button is very lucky....
2:33 [Comment From wc ]
its maclaren. [Ed](Raikkonen) ? Not confirmed
2:33 2 laps to go and Button is set to become the 2009 Formula 1 World Champion
2:34 [Comment From 1 ]
well brazilian gp is not good for their home driver's
2:35 [Comment From Guest ]
Congrats to button.....Lets not forget its a Honda Chassis :P
2:35 [Comment From 1 ]
this is where massa lost his championship last yr and now barri losses his dream for the championship this yr
2:35 Webber wins the race
2:36 Jenson Button is the 2009 World Champion
2:36 [Comment From noz ]
it was a close fight between teams through out the season IMO..
2:37 Brawn GP become the 2009 Formula 1 Constructors World Champions on debut
2:38 [Comment From wc ]
Special Thanks to ED [Ed] You are very welcome
2:38 [Comment From wc ]
MASSA's DOING THE FLAG WAVING. [Ed] Indeed. Great to see that
2:38 [Comment From wc ]
Many Thanks to ED again.

Rubens Barrichello congratulates his teammate on winning the championship

2:44 Webber of course wins his second race of the season
2:46 Good to see Kubica on the podium in the BMW Sauber. He is going to Renault next year
2:47 Hamilton started 18th and finished on the podium. Good job
2:47 [Comment From adrian ]
thank you!
2:50 Vote for your driver of the day here
4:28 [Comment From sunny ]
what happened to the sutil- trulli accident [Ed] It will be investigated after the race


Race | Qualifying | Saturday Practice | Second Friday Practice | First Friday Practice

Discussion Thread

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