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2006 8 'n' Pole Formula 1 Competition
Winners and Top 20 Quotes

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8 'n' Pole
2006 World Cup

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Grand Prize Winner - JD (Brazil/United Kingdom)

(Winner Overall with 580 points)
Won a £250 British Pounds Gift Certificate from BookF1 to be used towards any Grand Prix event in 2007

I am a 32-year old Mechanical Engineer and have always liked cars and F1 races. I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil and have been several times to the Brazilian GP both in São Paulo and Rio. In 2006 I have moved to England for a Masters degree and had the opportunity to go to the Monaco Grand Prix.

I really enjoyed the 8 'n' Pole 2006 Season competition. I was always looking forward to receiving the results after each round. I was also part of the BolaoF1Valendo group and two of my colleages, Puerta and Hayama, made it to the Top 20.

Congrats to silverfox, Ogie and the other Top 20 participants !!!! See you all next year.

Runner-up - SILVERFOX (United Kingdom)

(Second Overall with 574)
Won a $150 United States Dollars equivalent Gift Certificate from

Hi, I am 64 years old, worked in the motor trade for 50 years, now enjoying retirement. I like all sports especially F1 racing, the competition is great it really gets you thinking, roll on next season it should be great will all the driver changes.

Third Place - Ogie (Philippines)

(Third Overall with 566 points)
Won a $100 Gift Certificate from
The Pitstop Bookshop, Australia's No. 1 Source for Motoring Books, DVDs, Videos & Workshop Manuals.

Age: 25
Profession: Technical Support Engineer

I'm a big fan of F1, although I was disappointed as I was counting on Michael Schumacher on winning the championship. But in any case it was extremely exciting. My favorite driver is Kimi Raikkonen, and my favorite team is Williams. I like F1 because of the competition and the technology, besides the fact I like racing and cars.

Fourth Place - Mario Arriola (Guatemala)

(Fourth overall with 564 Points)
Won a NewsOnF1 Stopwatch (1/100th of a second) with clock and alarm.

I am 33 years old, I am a civil engineer, I work in the government here in Guatemala. I am a formula-1 fan since 1984 when Niki Lauda won the championship to Alain prost for a half point. Since then I tried not to miss a race. Some of my friends call me a fool for getting up early in the morning, about 5 am here in my country to see qualifying or race but I don't care. I had been a Ferrari fan since 1996 when Schumacher came to this team.

About the competition I can tell that I only focus on myself and I don't care about the others I tried the most points in a single race but I know that the winner is because he or she gain good points in all races all the year. So I will try to do my system next year to win the competition. My problem had been to score good points in the first three races. So I will see what happens.

Thank you for all and i hope to receive news from you. (And my watch)

Fifth Place - Dinosh_12 (India)

(Fifth overall with 563 Points)
Won a NewsOnF1 Stopwatch (1/100th of a second) with clock and alarm.

Interest: F1 & cricket

Comments: This is the 4th year I'm in this competition being a Ferrari fan & voting for it helped me to get this position

Fifth Place - BA (Philippines)

(Fifth overall with 563 Points)
Won a NewsOnF1 Stopwatch (1/100th of a second) with clock and alarm.

Age: 22
Occupation: Software Engineer
What do you enjoy in F1: The thrill and excitement it brings brings considering the uncertainties of the race.
What do you think about the competition: The competition is fun and exciting. It adds more excitement to races and it also makes you aware how well your favorite drivers/constructor are doing in each race.

Seventh Place - Greg (South Africa)

(Seventh overall with 560 Points)
Won a NewsOnF1 Stopwatch (1/100th of a second) with clock and alarm.

I have been entering the competition for the last 4 years. I got interested in F1 when BMW started competing. I work for BMW SA as the General Manager Finance looking after the Sales and marketing team.

Seventh Place - Smekoslav (Slovenia)

(Seventh overall with 560 Points)
Won a NewsOnF1 Stopwatch (1/100th of a second) with clock and alarm.

22 yrs old, geographer, filmmaker.
Hate Schumacher for his unrespectable-to-others-driving, hate FIA for supporting Ferrari and making rules that are killing racing spirit (I mean just look at Montoya, he left for Nascar because he was bored, its impossible to overtake with f1 car nowadays), love to see different winners in F1 and in this competition.

Ninth Place - Will (South Africa)

(Ninth overall with 559 Points)
Won a NewsOnF1 Stopwatch (1/100th of a second) with clock and alarm.

32, married with 1 son. Lives in Krugersdorp, South Africa. Works as a Financial Manager at a service provider in the cell phone industry

My F1 interests have changed a lot through the last couple of years. I use to only support/watch McLaren and the likes of Hakkinen & Coulthard. I now see myself as a F1 fanatic. I just love everything about F1... everything that goes into F1, even those small things behind the scenes and then the result is something like what Ferrari and Schumi achieved together as a team !!!

I never use to like Schumi, but I've changed my thinking and realized he truly is a GREAT and one of the ALL TIME BEST drivers out there. He will be hard if not impossible to replace. I reckon most of his records will stay for a very very long time if not forever... And now next year my number one team will be Ferrari as Kimi is my main man....

It is not good for F1, if one driver or one team totally dominated the sport, like Ferrari did, not so long ago. It would be great to see if a lot more drivers/teams can take pole more often and challenge for a win/podium. I'm very excited about 2007 season. Ferrari with Kimi & Massa, Alonso now with a McLaren ? , Reliable & fast Renault - Fisi, Button in his Honda. And then there is exciting new blood i.e. Heikko Kovalainen, Robert Kubica, Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton & Alex Wurz back in a race car....

Here I go again. I talk way too much !!!

Tnx 4 the great competition ! Just love it... Only complaint is that sometimes the race preview and result took too long to become available, but I know it must be a lot of hard work to get all that info and result out. It would also be nice to be able to see what other people (especially those in the same group as you) have submitted as their picks after the deadline but before the actual results came out. There is people in my group who I don't know at all and don't even have their e-mail addresses?

But again overall a GREAT competition, keep up the good work !!!

From one FANATIC F1 supporter to another

Tenth Place - Luciano (United States)

(Tenth overall with 556 Points)
Won a NewsOnF1 Stopwatch (1/100th of a second) with clock and alarm.

My name is Luciano Forte 38 years old and born in Italy but live in USA. Since I remember I always loved everything about racing and wanted to be a professional race car drive, but unfortunately I didn't have financial aid to become one. Now that I am a Network Engineer and too old to become a race car drive, I'm always at local race track racing kart carts with my friends and co-workers.

To tell the truth I never used to follow F1 because of the time difference here. I followed Indy and Cart series until in 1996 when I vacationed in Italy and actually went to see a race with my cousins. From then on I was hooked. The best part about F1, is that they don't stop the race if it rains. I always hated when they have a rain delay or they cancel a race due to rain in the Indy car series. I believe if you are a professional race car drive the individual should be able to race in any condition rain or shine.

To me this year competition was pretty straight forward because whoever picked Alonso or Schumacher would have won.

Tenth Place - Bairdy (Australia)

(Tenth overall with 556 Points)
Won a NewsOnF1 Stopwatch (1/100th of a second) with clock and alarm.

Not yet provided.

Tenth Place - Filip-Daniel (Romania)

(Tenth overall with 556 Points)
Won a NewsOnF1 Stopwatch (1/100th of a second) with clock and alarm.

My name is Stoicu Filip Daniel. I'm from Romania, but from the 17 of January 2007 I will be a Permanent Resident of the USA so I will live from there on in the USA.
I'm 25 years old. I'm an project engineer. I'm a big fan of F1. In 2004 I have won a trip at Monte Carlo grand prix (all inclusive) at an Romanian contest.
I hope this competition will continue next year also.

Thirteenth Place - asrar (Malaysia)

(Tenth overall with 556 Points)
Won a NewsOnF1 Stopwatch (1/100th of a second) with clock and alarm.

Not yet provided.

Thirteenth Place - Schuman (Australia)

(Thirteenth overall with 555 Points)
Won a NewsOnF1 Compact Smart Digital Clock with Alarm.

I'm 32 years old and work as a Telephony Administrator (running the phone systems for our call centre and building IVR's for clients) at Computershare, which is a Share Registry.
I love the colour, sound and speed of F1. Have always been a fan since I was young. I was a bit of a Prost fan in his later years but from his first drive for Jordan, I just loved the way Michael Schumacher went about it and have been a massive fan over the years, so next year will certainly be strange.
I have loved the competition this year. As a first year player joining a league of people who had already played, I did not expect to go so well. I was only included in this league (The Roliest Mo's) at the last moment and think I put some noses out of joint!

Thirteenth Place - Puerta (Brazil)

(Thirteenth overall with 555 Points)
Won a NewsOnF1 Compact Smart Digital Clock with Alarm.

First of all I would like to tell that was a pleasure and real fun the competition last year.
I am 31 years old, work as propulsion engineer on a company that build aircraft and I really like F1. It is a sport that involves high tech, speed and pilot skills.
I'm from Brazil and a big fan of Brazilian pilots (Ayrton Senna, Piquet, Fittipaldi and Massa).
As I mentioned above I really enjoyed the competition last year and I will join next year again.

Thirteenth Place - Scooby (United Kingdom)

(Thirteenth overall with 555 Points)
Won a NewsOnF1 Compact Smart Digital Clock with Alarm.

My name is Richard Elliott and I am 38 years old. I work in the City of London as an IT Manager for a Dutch Investment Bank. I’ve followed F1 since the 80’s when Nigel Mansell was challenging for the world championship and I’m hoping that Jenson Button can do the same next season – however, my tip is for Alonso to make it three in a row at McLaren.
My friends and I have very much enjoyed the 8 ‘n’ Pole Competition this year, and we’ll be back in it next year. We’re going to use the delightful NewsOnF1 clock I have won in the future as an annual trophy!

Seventeenth Place - Hayama (Brazil/United States)

(Seventeenth overall with 554 Points)
Won a NewsOnF1 AM/FM pocket radio.

Aeronautical Engineer, work for General Electric Aircraft Engines.
I am Brazilian, F1 fan since Emerson Fittipaldi, Nelson Piquet and Ayrton Senna, Rubens Barrichello, not so much, but Filipe Massa, the future of F1.
Play soccer, obviously!

Seventeenth Place - Beno (Australia)

(Seventeenth overall with 554 Points)
Won a NewsOnF1 AM/FM pocket radio.

Thank you 8 'n' Pole for a fabulous competition. I love F1 and your comp is a great way to enjoy the entire racing season and keeps everyone motivated who is involved in the group throughout the year.
I'm 26 and a student. I'm a huge Ferrari fan and believe there might be a little hole that needs to be filled by next year.......

Can't wait for next year..........

Nineteenth Place - Andrew (New Zealand)

(Thirteenth overall with 553 Points)
Won a NewsOnF1 AM/FM pocket radio.

My name is Andrew Metge, I'm 22, just graduated from the University of Auckland and now work as a Civil Engineer in Auckland, New Zealand. This was my first year following Formula One through this competition.
I have been watching Formula One for around 6 years now, most of the time I don't get to see the race as our live coverage over here is usually at 4am on a Monday. Have been a big fan of Shumi and enjoyed seeing Alonso finally put up a challenge for him. Will miss him racing.
As for the competition, I found it a lot of fun to follow, I made sure my picks were in every Thursday before the race and am pretty stoked to have placed in the top 20 for my first effort. I look forward to next year. !

Twentieth Place - MickDaSlick (Romania)

(Twentieth overall with 552 Points)
Won a NewsOnF1 AM/FM pocket radio.

I'm 28, I'm a software developer and I used to be a M. Schumacher fan.
About the competition: It's fun and interesting. One thing that needs improvement though: the scores should be instantly computed after the end of a race and be made available online.

Twentieth Place - pats (India)

(Twentieth overall with 552 Points)
Won a NewsOnF1 AM/FM pocket radio.

I am Avinash, I am 23 years old and I am software professional based out of Bangalore, India.

My hobbies include photography, traveling and listen to music. Basically love listening to music a lot.

I love F1 as it an amazing field of engineering. You name any field of engineering and it is there. What is amazing about F1 is the how complex piece of machinery and equipments are stuffed into that small car. That surely is heights of engineering…
But keeping engineering aside it sure is an entertainment power pack… for two hours or so during the race my life stops and all it thinks about who is going to win; who will bump into whom; will someone who is leading the race till the last lap retire with a couple of corners left (I remember that happening to Mika Hakkinen). I love the way strategies are run to win the races… Altogether it is one sport that I truly enjoy watching…

It’s been two seasons that I have been participating in this competition. What I enjoy about it is the excitement of guessing the race result. I like the way I pin up my hope that the race goes as I have predicted. I know at the end of the race I kick myself for not guessing properly.. but again the new race is just right around the corner and bham I'm there again trying to predict it.

Individual Round Winners


Winner Quote (ScrapDealer): Not yet provided


Winner Quote (pingf1): "I am 52 years old and I am an engineer.

I love F1 because of the speed, high technology, design of the cars and the pilot-machine interface (it requires special skills to drive those machines).

I like the 8 'n' Pole competition because it is a fun way to keep track of the F1 season and root for your preferred pilots."


Winner Quote (Thez): "I'm a 27 year old computer programmer for a small software development company in Palmerston North, New Zealand.
I've been an avid follower of F1 for the last ten years - and I remember the good old days when I could watch Damon Hill race instead of commentate, and I sorely miss Murray Walker's "1 red light, 2 red lights, 3 red lights.... and its go go go!!!" at the start of every Grand Prix. I've enjoyed playing 8 'n' Pole for the last couple of seasons, and have a team of friends who also compete for top of our little group (alas most of us never challenge the top of the competition).

Keep up the good work, your site is much more to me than just a competition - I enjoy the various articles and race pre/reviews a lot."


Winner Quote (zuzi): Not yet provided


Winner Quote (Lara Smulders): "I'm 18 years old, an adventurer and nature lover, and I love racing, especially V8 supercars and also F1, I like charismatic, feisty and bold drivers like Juan Montoya or Fernando Alonso, but I don't like arrogant guys like M. Schumacher. The competition in 8'n'Pole seems nice."


Winner Quote (Honey): "I am residing in New Delhi, India. I am working in one of the Central Government Offices of Government of India. What I like most about F1 is the speed which is the basic and foremost winning factor of all F1 races. I think this competition is unique in its own way as it is free, fun and easy to play for all."


Winner Quote (kee racing): "I am a 47 years old Norwegian and works as the commercial manager at a large shipping company in Singapore, we own and operate a lot of oil tankers. My interest in racing originally stems from an uncle who was a race driver in Sweden many years ago, but it was not until I spent a weekend in Monaco about 5-6 years ago and watched my first race live that I got really hooked. Everything was absolutely awesome. Since then I go and watch a few races every season.
I used to take part in a private web based competition with a bunch of business contacts and friends, but the guy organizing the thing had to take a break so when one of us came across your competition it was an easy decision to make."


Winner Quote (PushokF1): Not yet provided


Winner Quote (Kev): "G'Day,

I'm an Australian academic and F1 fan. I would like to thank for running this great competition, I've played for several years now and this is the second time I've won a prize for winning a round, thank you!
I think that the competition has become more difficult with the changes to 8 points paying places and the changes to qualifying etc. over the last couple of years and with Michael gone next year it's going to be even more unpredictable. I look forward to the new season and the new 8'n'pole.

On a personal note, when I first started watching F1 when Michael Schumacher began his career, what a ride! His brilliance is something I've enjoyed seeing over the years and will be missed."

Kev also wins the Biggest Margin in a round prize.


Winner Quote (estuardo avilla): Not yet provided

estuardo avilla also wins the Highest Score in a round prize.


Winner Quote (HOBBSY): "I'm 39, my job ? I'm a Material Handler for an Automotive Company.
One of the best things I like about F1 is the standing starts & the first corner rush, will they all make it or not.
You run a great pool, I ran a pool similar to to yours for 5 years before e-mail. Chasing people for there picks, what a pain. Love the pool, keep up all the good & hard work you put into it. I'll see you next season.


Winner Quote (saille) : Not yet provided


Winner Quote (Hayama): "Aeronautical Engineer, work for General Electric Aircraft Engines.
I am Brazilian, F1 fan since Emerson Fittipaldi, Nelson Piquet and Ayrton Senna, Rubens Barrichello, not so much, but Filipe Massa, the future of F1.
Play soccer, obviously
Jogging to keep fit and fast
Wine to keep the blood red
Good food to keep the body strong

This 8 'n' Pole competition is very cool. Amazing that I saw several Brazilians as top scorers, including JD and Puerta, both who I worked with in Brazil!"


Winner Quote (spoedvraat): "My name is André Venter (username spoedvraat, Afrikaans for speed freak). I’m 32 years old and work as a representative for an industrial supply company.

I’m an absolute car nut and I regard F1 as the pinnacle of motorsport. This was my first year with 8 ’n’ Pole and I will definitely be a part of it till the day I die. It’s a fantastic competition. I just can’t bear the week long wait for results!!!!"

San Marino

Winner Quote (The Meanest): "Thanks for the great comp."


Winner Quote (Alli): "I'm 28, currently an applications group head here in Manila. I like to watch F1 because it's exciting, especially this season. If not for the unfortunate engine failure of Ferrari in Japan, the last race would have been neck and neck. I am looking forward next season , Fernando vs Kimi, let's see who can win this one. I'm routing for Kimi this time.
More power to 8nPole!!!."


Winner Quote (din): Not yet provided


Winner Quote (ferrarigirl): "Just to let you know I have really enjoyed being part of the tipping competition the past couple of years and having such fun especially this year - just wish I could have another great pick like the first one !!"

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2007 8 'n' Pole
Major Prizes

Grand Prize
£250 British Pounds Gift Certificate from BookF1

Second Prize
£100 British Pounds Gift Certificate from BookF1

Third Prize
$100 Australian Dollars Gift Certificate from The Pitstop Bookshop



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