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8 'n' Pole - Results

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On this page, you will see the Top 20 players overall and the Biggest Winning Margin. Click here for the Top 100 players for each round. 
All participants receive an email with their score and rank for the round as well as their overall score and rank during the week following the race. 

Top 20 Overall

Congratulations to indie3128 for winning the 2005 8 'n' Pole Competition. indie3128 extended the lead to 15 points after taking a risk and picking Alonso for Pole and the win and that has certainly paid off. Lance and jack1983 are tied in second and will share 2nd and 3rd prizes. Spirits finishes in 4th ahead of Raupo, elyyan and norms007 who are all tied in 5th place. TheOMan rounds up the top 8.

The winners are asked to provide a comment on their impressive results at the 2005 8 'n' Pole Championship thread. All the top 10 players will receive a special rank on NewsOnF1 Forums.

11indie3128Australia 542
3 2jack1983India527
3 4SpiritsUnited Kingdom523
35RaupoNew Zealand 521
7 5norms007United Kingdom521
10 8TheOManRomania518
89MickDaSlickRomania 516
13 10Filip-DanielRomania515
22 10JezzaAustralia515
12 12topAustralia512
15 12Steven PazinAustralia512
22 12GregSouth Africa512
9 15SkruffNew Zealand510
1516HonkyTonkUnited States509
18 16350ZAustralia509
18 16tundraottoUnited States509
25 19jclabCanada508
13 20MARKYAustralia507
1820oferrusUnited States507
Popular Pick Score490
Average Score418.20

Total Number of Players : 1564

For the overall competition, the major prizes will be:

A Grand Prize of $500 Australian (Gift Certificate from Sportsnet Holidays to be used towards a 2006 Grand Prix Tour) to the overall winner of the competition

A Second Prize of 100 British Pounds (Gift Certificate from BookF1 to be used towards a 2006 Grand Prix ticket) to the second placed player in the competition overall.

A Third Prize of 50 British Pounds (Gift Certificate from BookF1 to be used towards a 2006 Grand Prix ticket) to the third placed player in the competition overall.

A Fourth Prize of $50 Australian dollars (Gift Certificate from The Pitstop Bookshop) to the fourth placed player in the competition overall.

Fifth to Eighth in the competition overall each wins a NewsOnF1 AM/FM pocket radio. 

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Biggest Winning Margin

The table below shows the biggest margin for the 2005 Season.

6 PointsDomUnited KingdomMalaysia
 f1purpulaUnited StatesMalaysia
6 PointsAfterShockSouth AfricaSpain
 KNIGHT RACINGUnited KingdomSpain

Dom, GoranY, AfterShock and biye are all winners! - Congratulations!

Highest Score in a round

The table below shows the players with the highest scores for the 2005 Season.

51NZLChewyNew ZealandBrazil

RIC99 and NZLChewy are winners! - Congratulations!

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Individual Races - Top 100

2007 8 'n' Pole
Major Prizes

Grand Prize
250 British Pounds Gift Certificate from BookF1

Second Prize
100 British Pounds Gift Certificate from BookF1

Third Prize
$100 Australian Dollars Gift Certificate from The Pitstop Bookshop



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1:43 F1 Diecast Model Renault 2006 F Alonso

1/18 Ferrari 248 Michael Schumacher 2006 F1 Model Car (diecast) replica
Ferrari 248 Michael Schumacher
2006 F1 Season

1:18 Scale McLaren MP4-21 Kimi Raikkonen 2006 F1 Model Car (diecast) replica
Kimi Raikkonen McLaren-Mercedes MP4-21 2006
by HotWheels
also by Minichamps

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Ferrari 248 Felipe Massa
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