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2003 8 'n' Pole
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Top 20 Overall Top 5 Individual Scores

Alli - Philippines (Winner Overall with 481 points as well as Top Score for an Individual Race with 51 points)
Won a $150 Gift Certificate from SpeedGear, the Internet's Premier website for Authentic Racewear and
a $40 Gift Certificate from

Thank You ! For giving me a chance to join this kind of contest. 
It was real fun and exciting while watching the race. I only cheered my team which is Williams before, but since I joined 8 'n' Pole, I've been cheering for 8 positions + pole position of course. It added to the excitement of watching the race, plus since, I have a group in 8 'n' Pole, we always brag with each other on how much we fared the last race.

About the competition, it was very close, you can check on your records, that I was number 1 after the first race, and I struggled after that and just made a comeback on race 15, that was a great comeback, and I feel proud and lucky that I was able to win the contest, for so many other players are very good with this. Just look at my lead (1PT!!!) and I guess luck was just on my side.

I'm already looking forward to next season, since I saw the schedule from NewsOnF1 that there will be 18 races, more races, more points to earn. I hope the number of players will get over 1000 next season and I'll invite my other friends to join as well.

I'm 25 years old, working as a software engineer, a big fan of F1,  my favourite Driver is Montoya, and team is Williams.

Thanks Again!!! and See you next season!!

vexxev - Australia (2nd Overall with 480 points - tied with 2 other players!)
Won a $42 Gift Certificate from SpeedGear, the Internet's Premier website for Authentic Racewear. Sharing second and third prize between the 3

This year was great with the championship coming down to the final race. The rule changes really made it great too bad Michael Schumacher won the championship again. 
I'm a real fan of aggressive drivers like Montoya and Raikkonen and was really hoping one of them would win it but the stupid American grand prix cost Montoya any hope and also the stewards when they penalised Montoya for hitting Barrichello. 
Anyway there's always next year and I'm predicting already that Raikkonen will win it next year in the beast known as the McLaren MP4-19 and I can't wait until 2005 when my favourite two drivers go head to head at McLaren.

Leshik - Russian Federation (5th Overall with 478 points and winner in the category of Top Score for an Individual Race with 50 points)
Won a £30 Gift Certificate from

Iím 28 years old, working as a telecommunication engineer. My Home city is Saint-Petersburg second largest city in Russia after Moscow. This year was 300 years from foundation of Saint-Petersburg.

F1 is my favourite kind of sport since 1991, when Russian TV starts GP translations. Initially my favourite team was Williams. D. Hill and D. Coulthard becomes my favourite pilot since they joined to Williams team. After David change Williams to McLaren Iíve two favourite teams Williams and McLaren. 
Of course Michael Schumacher is the best pilot after Senna, but I donít like him. 
My favourite track is SPA (Belgium GP). Unfortunately this year it was excluded from the calendar and I hope to see it again in Year 2004. 
I wish Kimi or Alonso wins next season championship.

About the competition. Already 3rd season Iím playing 8 íní Pole game on your site. Year 2001 I also was very close to win, but took only 3rd place. 
This season only 5th but lucky to win Top Score. I'm already looking forward to next season and hope to win 8 íní Pole competition.

Scores calculation at 8 íní Pole game from my point of view is the best compare with other forecast game. May be will be more interesting to give more bonus points for last places of 8, because itís much more difficult to forecast who take it exactly.

Thank You very much and see you next season

GhoGho - United States (8th Overall with 472 points)

Ex South African now living in the USA. 
F1 fan since the early '70's which is when I went to a GP for the first time. The South African GP at Kyalami, 4.1 km's of high altitude engine breaker. 
Back then the local single seater championship was run in F1 and F5000 cars (usually previous years models obtained from the big teams). 
These guys also competed in the South African GP (some quite successfully) but did not have the budget to complete a full international season. The first time I saw brothers compete against each other in a GP was Jody and Ian Sheckter, not the Schumachers! 
Always a Ferrari fan (nothing beat the sound of the Ferrari V12's) I was most happy when in 1979 Jody Sheckter won the championship for Ferrari. 
If you are too young to remember, you missed out on something really special. The turbo era came and went. The fuel restrictions came and went. Moveable aerodynamic devices came and went. The FIA constantly tried (and still does) to slow the cars down, and much to my amusement records fell every year as technology improved. 
Schumacher arrived on the scene and instantly became one of my favorite drivers. His first race was awesome, even if not too successful. This presented a quandary for me, how to support both Ferrari and a non-Ferrari driver? Problem solved when MS moved to Ferrari, where eventually the drought was broken and Ferrari reigned supreme once again. 
How long the good times will be around, who knows? I suppose it all depends where your allegiance lies.......

As for the 8 'n Pole competition, it was nearly as close as this year's championship, selecting with ones heart instead of ones brain tends to give up some undesirable results, but then it would be no fun at all if we didn't have our favorites.

Keep up the great work at NewsOnF1. Can't wait for next season.....

PS Ghogho is a South African term for bug!

Steven Pazin - Australia (8th Overall with 472 points)

I have been watching F1 since 1992, and bits and pieces before that, always too difficult in Australia with the Grand Prixs on so late at night, even now I only tape Brazil, Canada and US.
My favourite team is Jordan as they are full of character and charm unfortunately they have really lost the plot in the last couple of years and I feel that they do not have too long to go. I did cheer heavily for them when Fisi "won" Brazil, a couple of times due to the farce involved. 
I rate Michael Schumacher as the best driver that I have seen as he is a master of the craft and gives such an effort. It is a pity that Michael has lost his competitors, D Hill, J Villeneuve and M Hakkinen, although Kimi, Juan and yes David & Ralf are still racing we just do not see them challenging Michael like the others. 
My favourite track is USA as you always see overtaking and exciting racing there. 
My choices for this year where based on how I perceived the package and tyres did become more important but I also included the "other" drivers, Button, Webber and Da Matta.

Anakin - United Kingdom (Top Score for an Individual Race with 55 points)
Won a £30 Gift Certificate from

I'm 28, live in Kent and work in the City. 
I got involved with the 8 'n' Pole competition with some guys at work and it quickly became very competitive. 
Due to having entered 8 'n' Pole I started taking more of an interest in F1, mainly so I could see how I was doing in relation to my colleagues.

Kev - Australia (Top Score for an Individual Race with 50 points)
Won a £30 Gift Certificate from

I've been a fan of F1 for many years now and have entered the 8 'n' pole/ 6 'n' pole competition for the last couple of years now and enjoy the challenge of trying to pick the top 8 place getters in a sport which "anything can happen, and usually does." 
Although my overall position was not as good as previously I am still stoked to take out an individual race prize, especially as this year was quite hard to predict down to eighth. 
Thank you to News on F1 and the sponsors of the 8 'n' pole comp as well as all who took part who I am sure are looking forward to it all again next year as much as I am.

Chinna - India (Top Score for an Individual Race with 50 points)
Won a $40 Gift Certificate from

I got the car bug growing up in India when a friend of ours gave my brother and I a stack of magazines. They were a year or two old, but they included Autosport, which fuelled my love for F1. We had a model JPS Lotus that Mario Andretti won his championship in. 
Alan Jones was my personal favourite - I still have a postcard of his Saudia Williams that my brother made and sent me. I remember his words when I drive to and from work everyday. In an interview, he talked about how his father taught him how to take the correct line by taking him on rural roads and getting him to use the entire road. I get to drive on a 1-mile stretch that's full of turns, and I love driving it, not dramatically, but smoothly.

I didn't get to watch races on TV until I moved to the US in '89. I began watching them in the early 90s. The telecast was horrible, but it was better than nothing. I moved back to India in '97, and for the first time got to watch really good telecasts on Star Sports. 
I've been a Michael Schumacher fan since his days in Benetton. I still remember watching his drive in Spain, when he lapped everyone else by 2 seconds a lap in pouring rain. I was also amused when Berger and Alesi moved to Benetton and promptly crashed 3 cars, saying they were undriveable. 
I still have a faded black t-shirt with Michael on it, in his old helmet, with his Benetton #1 on the car. He tends to win more races when I wear the shirt while watching. Not that I'm superstitious. :-) 
I like Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber among the new crop of drivers. Now that I'm back in the US, I'm hoping to make it to next year's US GP. After following F1 for 25 years or so, it's high time I got to one. The closest I've been to it is racing simulations - the only form of video games I "play".

Chinna, who doesn't win many prizes ...

Pablo Senna - Canada (Top Score for an Individual Race with 50 points)
Won a $40 Gift Certificate from

I live on beautiful and wet Vancouver Island. I follow all motorsports, but all the others pale in comparison to my love of F1. Through the years I have managed to convert my wife and daughter into fans. We all have our various favourites, Michael and HHF being my active favourites. All time favourites: Senna and Villeneuve Sr.
I am very happy the Canadian GP has been saved and that the Belgian GP is returning, Spa was the best track they had, followed closely by Suzuka. 
I do not like the trend that the sport is taking or Bernie is leading it in, in terms of where and what races are being staged. I do not think it should ever occur that races at Belgium, France, Britain, or San Marino should be considered for dropping from the calender, as has been rumoured at various times. These are amongst the core races that help build the reputation of this sport. There is no way that that they should consider dropping them for the likes of Bahrain, China, Turkey, or Russia. What is the racing tradition of these countries? Why not eliminate that embarrassing race track in Hungary? This is not to say that new tracks and countries are a bad thing. Malaysia is a good example, what an amazing venue and showcase to the world.

I know the decisions come down to money (mostly in Bernie's pocket). It seems that there are almost too many countries bidding on holding races, if that is the case why not have some of the races only be held in alternate years until they prove their worth?

As for the competition on the track the new rules made it interesting. I think a few rule changes every year is a good thing. 
It is neat to see 8 'n' pole grow with the changes. It was a lot tougher to make the right picks and score points. It would be interesting to hear from some of the contestants (of 8 'n' pole) after each race, say the high scorer and the person on top of the standings. Their comments on the race and how they chose the picks and maybe their predictions for the next race.

Thanks very much for holding the competition and I look forward to next season. It seems so very far away!

lkeesoon - Malaysia (Top Score for an Individual Race with 50 points)
Won a £30 Gift Certificate from

Thank for the gift cert ... I really enjoy entering the competition very much ... It is an easy game to understand ... .furthermore it is a fair game ..... once again bravo to the team of NewsOnF1. Continue the good work....

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2006 8 'n' Pole
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£250 British Pounds Gift Certificate from BookF1

Second Prize
$150 US Dollars
Gift Certificate from a choice of suppliers

Third Prize
$100 Australian Dollars Gift Certificate from The Pitstop Bookshop



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