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2002 6 'n' Pole 
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Top 10 Overall Top 5 Individual Scores

lk - Malaysia (Winner Overall with 374 points)
Won a $150 Gift Certificate from SpeedGear, the Internet's Premier website for Authentic Racewear.

My full name is Liu Kun, a student from China and now I study overseas in Malaysia. I quite enjoy the betting game your website provided, and at the same time my favourite team is Ferrari and MS is the best driver, I think, in the F1 history.

This year's competition was quite exciting in the first 3 races, then for my own opinion, I think Ferrari is the king of the rest races. I think management F1 should change the relevant rules to increase the competition between the teams. Furthermore, each team should seek more sponsorships from large corporations and invest in R&D. Such development will help to increase the attractiveness of the races so that bringing more revenue for the teams.

I have studied in Malaysia from 4 years, I went to Sepang F1 circuit in 2000 and 2001. What I can say is that it is a beautiful circuit but maybe it is too hot for the drivers. I have very nice memory to take photo with Jenson Button when he was in his first F1 appearance with Williams in 2000, he is very friendly and quite handsome. In my free time, I often go for go-cart with some of my friends, they are also F1 fans too, I do recommend them to log on your website, they found the website is quite user-friendly and got a lot of facilities like games, news, download facilities. I like this website.

Benjie - Philippines (2nd Overall with 372 points)
Won a $75 Gift Certificate from SpeedGear, the Internet's Premier website for Authentic Racewear.

The competition is very intense and at the same time interesting. You'd never know what the placing might be on every race.

Napol75 - United Kingdom (3rd Overall with 370 points)
Won a $50 Gift Certificate from SpeedGear, the Internet's Premier website for Authentic Racewear.

I have been interested in Formula 1 for several years although have never attended a race. I must admit that the contrived finishes we have seen this season by Ferrari have dampened my enthusiasm for the sport, not only as a spectator but also in the wider interests of the sport. I do not bet on races myself but I have friends who do and to have the results 'fixed' will put a lot of people off. Still I shall be there again next season hoping for an exciting season.

ps I am also against weighting the cars.

Thank you for running the competition, and I hope it is run exactly the same way next year, you got it just right..

Pablo Senna - Canada (4th Overall with 363 points)

Thank you very much for running such an interesting game. It helped make the races more interesting by trying to analyse who would do what at a given track. My friend Jamie Richardsen ("Jammies") got me involved, and we talk Formula One everyday at work, sort of like a support group for F1 fanatics. The format needs no changes, it would be more wide open if the actual championship was more wide open. However, it would be nice to be able to scroll through the entire list of standings, to check how friends and relatives placed. How about a chat room for players?

My Formula one background started in the early seventies, my older brother got me interested. My early favourite was Emerson Fittipaldi. Being Canadian, my all-time favourite is Gilles Villeneuve, I travelled to the British Grand Prix in 1980, because I was such a big fan. Ayrton Senna and John Watson are my other favourites. I consider Watson to be the most underrated driver of all time. My current favourite is probably HH Frentzen. Frentzen cost me points at the US GP, but I had to pick him!

I have no solid playing strategy. Obviously, picking Michael for Pole and First, is always a safe bet, same for 2003. I started picking Ferrari 1, 2 in San Marino and that paid off well. I always try to leave room for a wild card like Heidfeld (cost me a lot of points), Button, Trulli, Fisichella, or Frentzen. I usually make room for the wild card by leaving out Kimi or one of the the Williams boys. Near the middle to latter part of the season I stuck with the top three teams' drivers, except for Kimi (blows the race or the engine too often). The results that I am proudest of are Australia (strong start), Monaco (placed Clouthard high and had Frentzen in the right spot) and Japan (4 out of 6 bang on, strong finish to the season). Never give up even after a really bad result, you can always climb back up with a few good results. Good Luck! See you next season.

P.S.: Pick Michael for Pole and First for Australia 2003

gutry - United Kingdom (8th Overall with 359 points)

Hello there!!!
My name is Godwin Tury and I am a university student studying in Bristol in England. I really do not have so much of a background in F1 but am a dedicated and loyal fan. My best team is McLaren, best driver is Mika Hakkinen.
I really loved the competition and hope to scoop a prize next time. The competition was interesting and well organised and it will only get better next season am sure.
Thanks for letting me be part of your competition and God-speed to the entire NewsOnF1 team.

Dunny - Australia (10th Overall with 356 points)

My name is Peter Ashenden, aged 28, from Forbes, New South Wales, Australia. I began following Formula 1 over the last two years or so, although I have been a fan of other forms of motorsport such as V8 Supercars for a long time. 
I really enjoyed the tipping competition as it created interest in the outcome of the races, even in which drivers came fifth and sixth place. I will definitely participate again next season.

Viveks - India (Top Score for an Individual Race with 39 points)
Won a $40 Gift Certificate from

I started watching Formula 1 only on year 2000. The first race I ever watched was that of Spa, which I happened to browse through on TV. The moment that made me a hardcore F1 fan till date was when I saw Mika Hakkinen overtake M. Schu. while another driver... I think it was Ricardo Zonta who was in-between. I've been watching F1 race ever since... 
I was in India then... I'm in Canada now.. so you might see me in the 2003 Canadian GP. I think the Competition is really good and exiting. I did come up to the top 3 at one stage but lost my way after that... I'll be here next year to win...

John and Caelum - United States (Top Score for an Individual Race with 38 points)
Won a $40 Gift Certificate from

I have watched F1 for about 5 years. I don't watch any other racing except superbike. I've been a fan of Michael Schumachers for the entire time but was also a Jacques Villeneuve fan. I didn't get to watch any races this year due to not having it available on TV out here. Damn Americans don't know what racing is. but I lived it through this site. I look forward to having good satellite service for next season. 
Go Michael Schumacher. Thanks again

Michael Collie - Australia (Top Score for an Individual Race with 38 points)
Won a 30 Gift Certificate from

The competition is excellent (and growing nicely too) and I'm looking forward to next year already to see if I can improve my 19th position. The site is a fantastic resource, particularly the past results pages for the various circuits. Very helpful when looking for consistent drivers.

As for me, well I don't know a whole lot about F1 (sorry, I know that annoys you!) except to tip the red cars because they go faster! Just kidding. 
In the real world, I'm an architect working for a medium-sized practice down here in Melbourne. As an honorary Victorian (I was born in Sydney and grew up in Perth) I am sports mad and will therefore turn up to anything sport related, including watching two flies race up a wall. I managed to a catch a few of the races on TV this year and I actually work a short distance from the Albert Park track, so March is always a noisy time of year for me - and the rest of us down here! But we love it, it's always a great show.

luckylak - India (Top Score for an Individual Race with 38 points)
Won a $40 Gift Certificate from

It was fun to be a part of the 6 'n' pole competition, to be frank better than the races itself. First of all congrats to lk and the other winners. I am basically from India, currently residing in US. I am a software engineer by profession.

Well, about by formula1 side of life, my interest in the sport started only because of the great Schumi. It started in the 1994 race, the race he collided with Hill, and became the champion. I have done quite a bit of karting just for fun, and I love driving. Well I did not love this years races that much though Schumi was winning all the way. Schumi and Rubens slowing down in the end stages was bad.

If possible, I would like to see some good changes to F1 rather than the 9 point plan which seems to be a comedy.. Let some bonus points be awarded on the basis of the difference in distance between the cars. Say Schumi wins by 30 seconds 1 point, if he wins by 60 seconds 2 points, if he wins by a lap 3 points. I believe it will make the game more interesting. Let them drive hard.. Who knows Ferrari may stop by pushing too hard..

Again Thanks for the prize. The real race was another good start by you guys. Only thing I would like is NewsOnF1 site being restructured to have nice look and feel. Your articles are good. Please improve the look and feel.

Shirl - Malaysia (Top Score for an Individual Race with 38 points)
Won a $40 Gift Certificate from

I am an Assistant Manager (Computer Systems) with United Plantations Berhad, and am married with 2 kids. I have been following Formula 1 ever since it was introduced here in Malaysia when our Sepang circuit was opened. Sepang is about 3 hours from where I live. Haven't been to any race, but I try very hard not to miss the live races on TV. My eldest son, aged 11 is also a huge fan of F1. Here, every race is covered live, and also qualifying. Many in Malaysia avidly follow the races and are mostly fans of Michael.

I picked a very conservative selection of drivers for the top 6 and did not change it since the time the race started in Australia. I guess I was lucky that the top 5 came out in the correct order. I enjoyed taking part in the competition and will certainly do so again.

Thanks for organising such an interesting competition and also, thanks for the wonderful F1 site. I visit your site almost every day just to catch up on the latest happenings in the world of F1.

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2006 8 'n' Pole
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250 British Pounds Gift Certificate from BookF1

Second Prize
$150 US Dollars
Gift Certificate from a choice of suppliers

Third Prize
$100 Australian Dollars Gift Certificate from The Pitstop Bookshop



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