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Malaysian GP Weather 
Friday35 Mostly Cloudy
Saturday35 Mostly Cloudy
Sunday35 Mostly Cloudy

2005 Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix
18 - 20 March 2005

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Facts & Past Results
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Race Preview

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Session - Local time



1st Friday Practice - 11:00ResultsReportResults
2nd Friday Practice - 14:00ResultsReportResults
1st Saturday Practice - 9:00Results Results
2nd Saturday Practice - 10:15ResultsReportResults
Saturday Qualifying - 13:00ResultsReportResults
Sunday Qualifying - 11:00ResultsReportResults
Race - 15:00ResultsReportResults

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Sepang Facts

Track LengthNo. of LapsLap RecordDriver
5.543 KM561.34.223Juan Pablo Montoya - Williams (2004)
Track Layout (from the FIA) - Also in PDF

Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix Results - Summary
click on the year for detailed results from Practice, Qualifying and the Race


Pole Position

Fastest Race Lap

Race Winner

2008F. Massa
Ferrari - 1:35.748
N. Heidfeld
BMW Sauber - 1:35.366
K. Raikkonen
2007F. Massa
Ferrari - 1:35.043
L. Hamilton
McLaren - 1:36.701
G. Fisichella
2006G. Fisichella
Renault - 1:33.840
F. Alonso
Renault - 1:34.803
G. Fisichella
2005F. Alonso
Renault - 1:32.582 & 1:35.090
K. Raikkonen
McLaren - 1:35.483
F. Alonso
2004M. Schumacher
Ferrari - 1:33.074
JP. Montoya
Williams - 1:34.223 
M. Schumacher
2003F. Alonso
Renault - 1:37.044
M. Schumacher
Ferrari - 1:36.412 
K. Raikkonen
2002M. Schumacher
Ferrari - 1:35.266
JP. Montoya
Williams - 1:38.049 
R. Schumacher
2001M. Schumacher
Ferrari - 1:35.220
M. Hakkinen
McLaren - 1:40.962
M. Schumacher
2000M. Schumacher
Ferrari - 1:37.397
M. Hakkinen
McLaren - 1:38.543
M. Schumacher
1999M. Schumacher
Ferrari - 1:39.688
M. Schumacher
Ferrari - 1:40.740
E. Irvine

The 2004 Formula 1 race:

 Top 8Highlights 
1.Michael Schumacher - FerrariMichael Schumacher wins the race ahead of Juan Pablo Montoya and Jenson Button. Williams and BAR were closer to Ferrari here than they were in Melbourne.
Michael led from start to finish. Mark Webber starting from second has a bad start, struggles with Ralf Schumacher during the race and eventually spins and retires. Montoya takes second at the start but can't catch Michael. Button starting from 6th finishes on the podium. The first for him.
Fernando Alonso starting from the back after spinning in qualifying moves into 8th in just a few laps but can't get ahead of Coulthard. He finishes in 7th.
Ferrari, BAR, Renault, Sauber, Toyota and Minardi managed to finish both cars.
16 cars were classified as finishers.
2.Juan Pablo Montoya - Williams
3.Jenson Button - BAR
4.Rubens Barrichello - Ferrari
5.Jarno Trulli - Renault
6.David Coulthard - McLaren
7.Fernando Alonso - Renault
8.Felipe Massa - Sauber

The 2003 Formula 1 race:

 Top 8Highlights 
1.Kimi Raikkonen - McLarenKimi Raikkonen wins his first race of his career ahead of Rubens Barrichello and the impressive Fernando Alonso. 
Michael Schumacher hits Jarno Trulli at the first corner, Michael pits as he damages his wing and later gets a penalty. He manages to finish the race in 6th and a lap down.
Juan Pablo Montoya gets hit from behind at the first corner and loses his rear wing. He rejoins 2 laps down and is effectively out of contention.
David Coulthard retires with a blown engine a few laps into the race.
Ferrari, Renault, Williams and Sauber managed to finish both cars.
Only Jaguar failed to finish either car. 
13 cars were classified as finishers.
2.Rubens Barrichello - Ferrari
3.Fernando Alonso - Renault
4.Ralf Schumacher - Williams
5.Jarno Trulli - Renault
6.Michael Schumacher - Ferrari
7.Jenson Button - BAR
8.Nick Heidfeld - Sauber

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