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2000 Austrian GP Results 
Practice Sessions 14 - 15 July 2000  

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Drivers Championship Constructors Championship
Austrian GP News

Practice 1 - Practice 2

Practice 1 - Practice 2  Qualifying

Warmup - Race

A1- Ring Facts

Track Length No. of Laps Lap Record Driver and Car
4.319 KM 71 1:11.783 D. Coulthard - McLaren

YearPole PositionFastest Race Lap
1997J. Villeneuve - Williams - 1:10.304J. Villeneuve - Williams - 1:11.814
1998G. Fisichella - Benetton - 1:29.598
D. Coulthard - McLaren - 1:12.878
1999 M. Hakkinen - McLaren - 1:10.954M. Hakkinen - McLaren - 1:12.107
2000M. Hakkinen - McLaren - 1:10.410D. Coulthard - McLaren - 1:11.783

First Friday Practice Session

Pos.DriverTeamBest Lap
1R. BarrichelloFerrari 1:13.603
2J. TrulliJordan1:13.840
3R. Zonta BAR1:14.046
4J. VerstappenArrows1:14.048
5M. SchumacherFerrari1:14.214
6D. Coulthard McLaren1:14.282
7G. Fisichella  Benetton1:14.306
8J. Herbert Jaguar1:14.661
9J. Villeneuve BAR1:14.810
10M. Salo Sauber1:14.833
11A. Wurz Benetton1:14.901
12G. MazzacaneMinardi1:14.956
13J. ButtonWilliams1:15.004
14E. Irvine Jaguar1:15.068
15H. FrentzenJordan1:15.106
16P. Diniz Sauber1:15.141
17P. de la RosaArrows1:15.173
18J. AlesiProst1:15.275
19N. HeidfeldProst1:15.463
20R. SchumacherWilliams1:15.803
21M. GeneMinardi1:15.844
22M. HakkinenMcLarenNo Time

Practice News
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Second Friday Practice Session

Pos.DriverTeamBest Lap
1D. Coulthard McLaren1:12.464
2M. HakkinenMcLaren1:12.711
3M. Salo Sauber1:12.786
4M. SchumacherFerrari1:12.823
5R. Zonta BAR1:13.052
6J. TrulliJordan1:13.146
7R. BarrichelloFerrari 1:13.359
8J. Villeneuve BAR1:13.463
9P. Diniz Sauber1:13.548
10G. Fisichella  Benetton1:13.596
11J. AlesiProst1:13.638
12J. VerstappenArrows1:13.648
13N. HeidfeldProst1:13.794
14M. GeneMinardi1:13.807
15P. de la RosaArrows1:13.815
16J. Herbert Jaguar1:13.878
17G. MazzacaneMinardi1:14.030
18H. FrentzenJordan1:14.042
19A. Wurz Benetton1:14.136
20J. ButtonWilliams1:14.351
21E. Irvine Jaguar1:14.603
22R. SchumacherWilliams1:15.572

Practice News
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First Saturday Practice Session

Pos.DriverTeamBest Lap
1M. HakkinenMcLaren1:11.355
2D. Coulthard McLaren1:11.827
3R. BarrichelloFerrari 1:11.890
4M. SchumacherFerrari1:12.213
5J. VerstappenArrows1:12.342
6G. Fisichella  Benetton1:12.420
7J. Villeneuve BAR1:12.448
8R. Zonta BAR1:12.460
9J. TrulliJordan1:12.495
10J. Herbert Jaguar1:12.608
11M. Salo Sauber1:12.795
12J. ButtonWilliams1:12.970
13R. SchumacherWilliams1:12.994
14A. Wurz Benetton1:13.042
15J. AlesiProst1:13.141
16P. Diniz Sauber1:13.320
17H. FrentzenJordan1:13.330
18G. MazzacaneMinardi1:13.462
19N. HeidfeldProst1:13.505
20M. GeneMinardi1:13.800
21P. de la RosaArrows1:16.344
22L. Burti*JaguarNo Time

* Luciano Burti replaces Eddie Irvine who pulled out due to abdominal pain

Practice News
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Second Saturday Practice Session

Pos.DriverTeamBest Lap
1M. HakkinenMcLaren1:11.336
2D. Coulthard McLaren1:11.416
3M. SchumacherFerrari1:11.605
4R. BarrichelloFerrari 1:11.754
5J. Villeneuve BAR1:12.007
6J. Herbert Jaguar1:12.082
7H. FrentzenJordan1:12.084
8M. Salo Sauber1:12.142
9G. Fisichella  Benetton1:12.208
10P. de la RosaArrows1:12.230
11J. VerstappenArrows1:12.342
12J. TrulliJordan1:12.404
13J. ButtonWilliams1:12.430
14R. Zonta BAR1:12.434
15R. SchumacherWilliams1:12.525
16P. Diniz Sauber1:12.529
17N. HeidfeldProst1:12.698
18A. Wurz Benetton1:12.822
19G. MazzacaneMinardi1:13.114
20J. AlesiProst1:13.141
21M. GeneMinardi1:13.706
22L. Burti*Jaguar1:14.149

* Luciano Burti replaces Eddie Irvine who pulled out due to abdominal pain

Practice News
Check the 1999 Times
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(unofficial results)

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