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Formula 1 Season: 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005  2004  2003  2002  2001  2000
Formula 1 World Championship 2009 2009 FIA Formula One World Championship (UK)
Also from the USA

The Official Review of the 2009 FIA Formula One World Championship - Not In A Hurry ...

No one could have predicted the outcome of the 2009 FIA World Championship Season.

The biggest shake up of the regulations in recent times saw former Champions struggle and less familiar faces leading the pack. Witness the charging Red Bull lock horns with the mighty Brawn GP and watch as the title nearly slips though Jenson’s fingers. When his critics thought he had lost his nerve, he produced the drive of his life to prove himself a worthy champion.

After the drama of Brazil, watch the sun set on the 2009 season in the first ever twilight race at the awe-inspiring Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. Formula One is the ultimate thrill for the viewer, now you can fully immerse yourself in the complete audio extravaganza. For the first time you can select a commentary-free option and experience the breathtaking energy of the sport in 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound, the neighbours had better watch out!

The Official 2009 Formula One Season Review brings you more content than ever before: 270 minutes of thrilling action, spread over two discs. Five extra features take you behind the scenes and 17 On Board Camera laps of the best racing footage take you to the heart of the most exhilarating sport.

Not in a hurry…but Jenson just could not wait until Abu Dhabi to win the 2009 FIA Formula One World Championship!  

Formula 1 World Championship 2008

2008 FIA Formula One World Championship (UK)
Also from the USA

The Official Review of the 2008 FIA Formula One World Championship - Luck Does Not Come Into It ...

Compilation of highlights from the 2008 season of Formula One

So you thought the 2007 FIA Formula One World Championship was close? Well 2008 was unbelievable! After 5,480 kilometres of racing the title was decided in the very last one.

Almost four hours of highlights. The best bits of what you saw and all the things you didn’t! 

Formula 1 World Championship 2007 2007 FIA Formula One World Championship (UK)
Also from the USA

The Official Review of the 2007 FIA Formula One World Championship - Kimi Made It At Last!

Compilation of highlights from the 2007 season of Formula One


Formula 1 World Championship 2006 2006 FIA Formula One World Championship (UK)
Also from the USA

The Official Review of the 2006 FIA Formula One World Championship - Once Again

In 55 years, only seven men have won back to back World Championships. 2006 changed all that. Fernando Alonso became the eighth member of the elite group and the youngest.
The season kicked off with new drivers, new teams and a brand new knockout format for qualifying. RENAULT picked up where they left off with six wins out of eight. By Canada, they looked to have it in the bag, but the might of Michael Schumacher and Ferrari should never be discounted.

USA was the turning point, with everything falling in FERRARI’S favour. After China, the frontrunners were equal on points, but Michael had the advantage with one more win under his belt. The battle for both titles would be won and lost in the last two races.

Includes a special tribute to Michael Schumacher

Also on VHS

2005 FIA Formula One World Championship (UK)
Format DVD Region 0 (All)
- released 28 November 2005 

The Official Review of the 2005 FIA Formula One World Championship - Fantastic Fernando

With Spaniard Fernando Alonso crowned as his nation's first Formula 1 title holder in Brazil, the fight was now on to win the constructors' championship. It was going to be tough for his team Renault to regain the lead after McLaren moved in front by two points with its 1-2 finish at Interlagos. McLaren's MP4-20 was clearly the class of the field, but was Alonso’s R25 strong enough to take on Kimi Raikkonen and Juan Pablo Montoya? Let the battle commence! This official review features the best coverage from every round, including practice & qualifying sessions, plus mind-blowing on-board laps.

Also from the USA and Canada (released December 20, 2005)

Also on VHS

2004 FIA Formula One World Championship Review (UK) - Format DVD - released 29 November 2004

A review of the 2004 FIA Formula One World Championship. Michael Schumacher continues to dominate the field as Jenson Button proves himself to be a champion in waiting.

Watch the record-shattering season unfold from a multitude of on-board cameras, exclusive interviews and unseen footage

Also from the USA and Canada (released January 25, 2004)

Also on VHS

50 Years of Formula 1 On Board 50 years of Formula 1 On Board (UK)
Also from the USA

A compilation of in-car camera action from 1950 through to the present day.

On-board action from Formula 1 legends Fangio, Moss, Stewart, Senna and Schumacher driving their Formula 1 cars at classic Grand Prix circuits from the Nurburgring to Monaco, Spa, Suzuka and Monza.

Also on VHS

Formula 1 World Championship 2003 - Michael & Co - The Dream Team (UK) Format DVD Region 0 (All) - released 24 November 2003

All the action and highlights of the FIA Formula One World Championships 2003.

Also from the USA and Canada (released December 30, 2003)

Also on VHS

Formula 1 2000 - World Championship Review (UK) - Format DVD (Region 2) - released 28 May 2001

Hours of fun for F1 addicts, this official Formula One 2000 World Championship Review has neat interactive menu options that let the viewer switch back and forth between a number of perspectives during each race. First select the race you want to see, then choose either the "Continuous Version" or the "Interactive Version". Continuous play runs potted highlights (five minutes or so) of each race, but the "Interactive Version" is the really interesting bit: this lets you select the view from the on-board cameras or the trackside cameras, watch the reactions in the pit lane, or even see continually updated race data statistics.

Also from the USA and Canada (Region 1) (released September 25, 2001)

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