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Popular Travel Guides - Buy online               Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix Tickets
Lonely Planet Australia

Lonely Planet Travel Guide - Australia (from the USA, also from the UK, Canada) - January 2004

Sun-kissed beaches, the dramatic Red Centre, the spectacular beauty of over 500 national parks, and some of the friendliest people in the world--discover all this and much more with this bestselling guide to the Land Down Under. We know Australia better than anyone -- uncover its secrets with us.

  • BE INSPIRED by our new highlights, itineraries and planning sections
  • GET AROUND with the help of over 180 detailed maps, including a full-colour road map section
  • DINE OUT using restaurant recommendations from one of the country's most authoritative food critics
  • WATCH WILDLIFE and understand the unique environment with the help of our full-colour environment chapter, written by Australia's most prominent commentator in the field
  • HANG OUT WITH THE LOCALS after reading our insiders' tips on the best bars, cafes and entertainment spots in the country
Lonely Planet Melbourne

Lonely Planet Travel Guide - Melbourne (from the USA, also from the UK, Canada) - November 2004

Why does Lonely Planet choose to call Melbourne home? Well there's the enviable live-music scene, modern museums, a vibrant multicultural mix, shopping to die for, leafy-green parklands, the best coffee on earth and cozy cocktail bars up every laneway. Discover the city's treasures for yourself with this smart, stylish and streetwise guide - like us, you might decide to stay forever. 

  • CHECK OUT the best galleries, theatres, museums and sporting arenas that Melbourne has to offer
  • MAX OUT that credit card using our guide to Melbourne's best shopping
  • DINE OUT at some of Australia's finest restaurants or linger over a latte at our author's favorite cafes
  • FIND OUT who's the 'next big thing' at funky art spaces, cutting-edge theatres or grungy pubs
  • GET OUT and around the city using our full-color maps and self-guided walking tours
The Rough Guide to Australia

The Rough Guide to Australia (from the USA, also from the UK, Canada) - December 2003

Australia is massive, and very sparsely peopled: in size it rivals the USA, yet its population is just over eighteen million – little more than that of the Netherlands. This is an ancient land, and often looks it: in places, it’s the most eroded, denuded and driest of continents, with much of central and western Australia – the bulk of the country – overwhelmingly arid and flat. In contrast, its cities – most of which were founded as recently as the mid-nineteenth century – express a youthful energy.

Frommer's Australia 2005

Frommer's Australia 2005 Travel Guide (from the USA, also from the UK, Canada) - October 2004

Frommer's Australia features gorgeous color photos of the spectacular scenery and amazing wildlife that await you Down Under. This extraordinary and opinionated guide is personally researched by a pair of lifelong residents, who'll show you how to discover the real Australia. We'll start off in Sydney, then head off to the Great Barrier Reef, where you'll find complete details on the world's most beautiful beaches, magnificent snorkeling and scuba diving, and other eco-adventures. From the urban pleasures of Melbourne to the rustic, untamed Outback, Frommer's Australia covers it all, with all the advice you need to make the most of your time and money. Whether you want to stay in mom-and-pop motels, wildnerness lodges, elegant B&Bs, or luxury beach resorts, this guide will help you design the Australian adventure that's right for you.

Let's Go 2004: Australia

Let's Go 2004: Australia Travel Guide (from the USA, also from the UK, Canada) - December 2003

For over forty years Let's Go Travel Guides have brought budget-savvy travelers closer to the world and its diverse cultures by providing the most up-to-date information.


  • Entries at all price levels for lodging, food, attractions, and more
  • Must-have tips for planning your trip, getting around, and staying safe
  • New Great Outdoors section with essential advice for Outback driving
  • Tips on volunteer opportunities, from rescuing koalas to sand dune preservation
  • A guide to all the authentic Aussie lingo you'll need
  • Detailed maps of cities, towns, and the outdoors
Fodor's Australia 2004

Fodor's Australia 2004 Travel Guide (from the USA, also from the UK, Canada) - October 2003

This is a land so different from any other that it can sometimes seems as if it were conjured rather than created. If you love outdoor recreation, imaginative cuisine, natural beauty seemingly without limit, and the idea of an English-speaking nation actually being exotic, Australia was made (or conjured) for you. Be sure to pack this Fodor's guide before leaving on your journey to the land down under to ensure you don't miss a thing!

Australia (Eyewitness Travel Guides)

Australia (Eyewitness Travel Guides) (from the USA, also from the UK, Canada) - April 2003

The Eyewitness Travel Guides bring you the world in full living color. In the Australia edition, each information-packed page is splashed with enticing photographs of the people, animals, plants, rock formations, deserts, and ocean vistas that make the country Down Under famous the world over. On the practical side, there are thousands of details to help you find your way to the must-see spots, plus full-color maps and useful at-a-glance tables that make it easy to sort through and locate food and accommodation choices.

The Wine Regions of Australia: The Complete Guide with over 60 Maps

The Wine Regions of Australia: The Complete Guide with over 60 Maps (from the USA, also from the UK, Canada) - October 2003

In response to a growing movement to classify Australian wine in more regional terms, this geography of wine looks at Australia's wine regions and subregions-from Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia to New South Wales, Western Australia, and Queensland. Encyclopedic in scope, this book will help wine enthusiasts understand the unique qualities of Australian wines and discover the country's many vineyards, both large and small. It provides a brief history and details on location, altitude, and general topography of the regions, as well as a discussion of soil quality and climate control, descriptions of regional differences in grape cultivation and winemaking, and harvesting times and methods. Important wine styles and grape varieties of each region are summarized, including pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, Adelaide Hill, Riesling, and Semillon. Included are ratings of many of the vineyards listed.

The National Geographic Traveler: Australia

The National Geographic Traveler: Australia (from the USA, also from the UK, Canada) - November 1999

This wonderful book evokes all of Australia's many moods and dramatic vistas in engaging text by Roff Smith and stunning images by renowned photographer Sam Abell. Text and pictures explore the colorful history and distinctive cultures that make the land down under so irresistible and unforgettable.

At once a young and vibrant nation of immigrants and a place inhabited for 60,000 years by Aboriginal tribes whose haunting art and ancient traditions are among the oldest on Earth, Australia boasts the world's biggest cattle ranch, some of its richest mineral deposits, and a wild, wondrous landscape of lush rain forest and forbidding desert, snowy mountains and tropical oceans bejeweled with the colorful corals of the Great Barrier Reef. Australia is truly a world unto itself.

Streetwise Melbourne

Streetwise Melbourne
(from the USA, also from the UK, Canada) - January 1995

Revised yearly, STREETWISE is the best-selling map of MELBOURNE, with coverage from Westgate Freeway to Edinburgh Gardens. Points of interest such as museums, parks, and popular sites are highlighted and fully indexed. Laminated for durability, accordion folded to fit in your pocket or purse, STREETWISE gives you MELBOURNE in a clear, concise, and convenient format

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