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Moto GP Tours
Australian MotoGP Malaysian MotoGP Czech MotoGP Portuguese MotoGP
Valencia MotoGP    
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Formula One Tours
Australian Grand Prix Malaysian Grand Prix Monaco Grand Prix United States Grand Prix
Canadian Grand Prix German Grand Prix Italian Grand Prix in association with Sportsnet Holidays (about) are pleased to offer you fantastic MotoGP tour packages. 

Check out these unbeatable offers: 

Australian MotoGP Tour - Phillip Island Circuit - Victoria
The Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix is a three day festival of speed and entertainment held at Victoria's Phillip Island. Located 120km southeast of Melbourne, Phillip Island, is the setting for some of the most fierce and close battles in motorbike racing!

Originally opened in 1956, the 4.5km circuit staged the second round of the 1989 World Championship and has become a rider favourite over the years. The Motorcycle Grand Prix incorporates 6 main categories; MotoGP, Australian Superbikes, Denso Supersports, Glen Cameron Group Aussie 125s, 125cc and 250cc bikes.
Starting from $1,180 per person (package includes 4 nights accommodation in Melbourne, 3 day General Admission Ticket ... click here for more information on the Australian MotoGP tour and booking form.

Malaysian MotoGP Tour
The Malaysian MotoGP, held at the internationally renowed Sepang GP Circuit is a must-see on the Motorcyle Grand Prix calendar. Only a stone's throw from the East Coast of Australia, there is really no excuse not to travel for the weekend to one of the premier motor bike races in the world.
Tour packages are now available ... click here for more information on the Malaysian MotoGP tour and booking form.
Czech MotoGP Tour
The world’s most famous riders have taken part in GP events in Brno since 1930, where up until 1982 they would race through the villages and western parts of the city on a road track. Popular with both fans and riders, the new circuit at Brno is built in a natural bowl, which is banked in places to offer fans excellent views. Brno constantly changes in elevation as it sweeps across forested hillsides and its fast undulating corners test riders to the limit.
Tour packages will become available in the next few months ... click here for more information on the Czech MotoGP tour and inquiry form.
Portuguese MotoGP Tour - Estoril
Situated on the Atlantic coast of Portugal, 28km from the capital city Lisbon, the Estoril circuit was used for the first time as a MotoGP circuit in 2000. One of the trickiest circuits on the GP calendar, Estoril combines long, constant radius corners with heavy braking zones, bumpy straights and a difficult chicane which was added to the back section in 1994. Its geographical position means that weather can be unpredictable which always adds to the excitement of a MotoGP!
Tour packages will become available in the next few months ... click here for more information on the Portuguese MotoGP tour and inquiry form.
Valencia MotoGP Tour - Comunitat Valenciana
The Circuito de la Comunitat Valenciana was opened in 1999 and held rounds of the MotoGP and the Spanish Motorcycle championships in the same year. The MotoGP is held on a 4km track comprising of 5 right hand corners, 8 left hand corners and a 650m straight. Although the track is considered quite small, the pit complex contains 48 garages and the stadium style grandstands can seat up to 150,000 spectators. The layout helps to create a unique atmosphere enjoyed by Spanish and international riders alike and as the last race of the year there is sure to be a party feeling to the race this year.
Tour packages will become available in the next few months ... click here for more information on the Spanish MotoGP tour and inquiry form.

All prices are in Australian dollars. (For other currencies, use this link to get an estimate in your local currency)


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